Oklahoma Advance Directive Form


An Oklahoma advance directive is a legal document that enables a principal to communicate their medical wishes if they become incapacitated. It is a two (2) part form that lets an appointed agent make medical decisions on the principal’s behalf if they cannot do it themselves. Several reasons, like a traumatic brain or spinal injury, dementia, or terminal illness, can cause incapacitation.

To ensure adherence to their medical wishes, the principal must complete and sign the advance directive before becoming incapacitated. It is highly recommended for individuals, especially those with terminal illnesses, to create an advance directive. Otherwise, a court-appointed conservator may become necessary, which can be time-consuming and stressful for family members or friends.

The agent appointed in an advance directive must read and follow the document’s instructions. These include the individual’s healthcare preferences, goals, fears, spiritual or religious beliefs, and thoughts about their medical condition and treatment. The agent must respect the principal’s statements when making medical decisions on their behalf. If the principal has not chosen a particular treatment or healthcare decision, the agent must make a decision that aligns with the principal’s beliefs.

In an advance directive, the principal can allow or deny the agent to determine their health care and treatment. They can also select their healthcare team, decide where they live and receive care or support, access and distribute their medical records, and choose their hospice care. Selecting an agent with the expertise and trustworthiness necessary to carry out these responsibilities effectively is crucial.

Laws: Title 63, Chapter 60

Signing requirements (§ 3101.4(A)): Must be signed in front of two (2) witnesses.