Oklahoma Medical Power of Attorney Form


In order to allow citizens to make adequate preparations to address the possibility of future health complications, the state Government of Oklahoma permits any competent individual to make an Oklahoma Medical Power of Attorney (Durable POA for Health Care / Advance Directive). This is a contract formulated by an individual (referred to in state law as the Declarant) so that they may declare a trusted party (their Attorney-in-Fact) to act on their behalf when they are rendered unable to. The Attorney-in-Fact will be legally obligated to—should the Principal become incapacitated or disabled—respectfully carry out their end-of-life care wishes and make health and medical care decisions on their behalf.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Oklahoma Advance Directive Act

Signing Requirements (§ 63-3101.4) – It is a state law requirement for a Declarant to sign a Medical Power of Attorney in the presence of two (2) valid witnesses.