South Carolina Limited Power of Attorney Form


A South Carolina limited power of attorney defines an agent’s role and responsibilities so they can successfully carry out tasks on behalf of a principal. It has a shorter duration than other types of power of attorney forms because it ends once the duties have been fulfilled. The form is often used when a principal needs an agent to handle their investments, business matters, or legal affairs. However, it can be selected for any one-time task that does not fall under another category.

The agent must keep the form so that they can present it upon request. For instance, if the agent is cashing a check for a principal, the bank will ask for a copy of the limited power of attorney. This process confirms that the principal approves of the transaction. The document will only be accepted if it has not been previously revoked or reached its expiration date.

Signing requirements (§ 62-8-105) – The principal must sign in front of two (2) witnesses and a notary public.