South Carolina Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney Form


The South Carolina Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney Form prevents the avoidable situation whereby health decisions are made without an individual’s express consent. This situation may eventuate when an individual who has not recorded their end-of-life wishes nor nominated someone to act on their behalf (a party referred to as an Agent or Health Care Agent) in a Medical Power of Attorney becomes unexpectedly incapacitated. In such circumstances, the individual’s family members and/or physician will be left with no choice but to make health care decisions for the individual. It is therefore highly recommended that anyone who wants to avoid this from happening to them executes this document as soon as possible.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – South Carolina Statutory Health Care Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 62-5-504) – State law mandates that any Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney must be: a) signed by the Principal and b) witnessed and signed by two (2) individuals who witnessed the Principal’s signature. In order for such individuals to serve as witnesses, they must meet the witness requirements found in § 62-5-504.