Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VTR-271)

The Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VTR-271) is an agreement enacted by a motor vehicle owner (referred to as the Grantor) that makes it possible for them to elect another party (referred to as the Grantee) who will be given “full power and authority to perform every act necessary and proper to purchase, transfer, and assign the legal title to the motor vehicle described on behalf of the Grantor.” The Grantor should be sure to read the “Information” section of the form carefully, as it specifies a number of important considerations. For example, the Grantor and Grantee must both must include a photocopy of their photo identification if the Power of Attorney is used to apply for title, initial registration, or a certified copy of title.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Durable Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements – The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles requires the Grantor to sign the form.