Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VTR-271)


The Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form VTR-271) is an official state-provided agreement that is completed by a motor vehicle owner or buyer (referred to as the “grantor”) for the purpose of electing another party (referred to as the “grantee”) the power to carry out actions regarding a self-propelled vehicle. The form permits the grantee with the power to complete all actions related to the selling, transferring, and assigning of the motor vehicle’s legal title as if they were the grantor themselves.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

Signing Requirements: To be valid, the Texas DMV requires the grantor to sign the form, write their printed name, and date the document. Only black and blue ink is acceptable for the signature.

Important Considerations: If the grantor wishes to use the POA for the purpose of having the grantee apply for a title, complete an initial registration, or acquire a certified copy of the vehicle’s title, both the grantor and grantee must attach a photocopy of their photo identification to the completed POA.

Note: Form VTR-271 CANNOT be used to complete a title assignment on a car, truck, or other motor vehicle subject to a federal odometer disclosure (in a dealer transaction). Motorists will need to use Form VTR-271-A for said circumstances.

Additional Forms: In addition to completing Form VTR-271, grantees may need their grantors to complete one (1) or more DMV forms depending on the task they are looking to have complete. More motor-vehicle related forms can be found at the Texas DMV Forms page.