Wisconsin Limited Power of Attorney Form


A Wisconsin limited power of attorney authorizes an agent to act for a principal while carrying out highly specific tasks. It is typical for the duties to be short in length and pertain to matters like document signing, finances, and property management. The form ends once the agent has completed what they have been assigned. If the principal sets a start and end date, the agent is restricted as to when they can act for the principal. These details must be included in the limited power of attorney and signed by both parties to be considered valid.

If the tasks are long-lasting, other types of power of attorneys should be chosen. A general form is more appropriate for broader decisions relating to finances. Similarly, a durable power of attorney is also used for financial decisions; however, it continues to hold power even if the principal dies or becomes incapacitated. A medical power of attorney is the most applicable option for health-related choices.

Signing requirements (§ 244.05): Notarized.