Wisconsin Medical Power of Attorney Form


A Wisconsin medical power of attorney is a form completed by a resident of Wisconsin (the principal) to give a person (the agent) the ability to make their medical decisions. The agent must be a trusted family member or friend over the age of eighteen (18). This document does not become effective at signing. Instead, it only gives the agent authority if a physician confirms that the principal cannot speak for themselves. This state of mind is known as mental incapacitation and can occur due to injury, illness, drugs, or disability.

The agent communicates with doctors, nurses, and loved ones to ensure the principal has the best possible treatment. This form allows the principal to state their preferences for medical care and requires that the agent follow these exact wishes. If the principal has not expressed their requests for a particular type of care, the agent must determine the best course of treatment. Before signing, both parties should discuss the contents of this form to ensure that the agent understands how to carry out their role.

Laws: Chapter 154, Subchapter IIChapter 155

Signing requirements (§ 154.03(1) and § 155.10(1)(c)): Signed by the principal in front of two (2) witnesses.