Wisconsin Medical Power of Attorney (Form F-00085)

The Wisconsin Medical Power of Attorney (Form F-00085) is a form any adult eighteen (18) years or older can use to establish an agent in writing that will act on the principal’s behalf should they become medically incapacitated. The agent communicates with doctors and other loved ones to ensure you have the best possible treatment, and they ensure any wishes spelled out in a living will are followed correctly.

Per state law, the agent is required to always act in your best interests. Prior to nominating an agent, you should sit down and speak with your potential agent to ensure they understand exactly what their responsibilities would be. You can select anyone to be your agent, although a trusted family member or close friend is the suggested option.

It’s important to understand that the agent only receives the powers stated in the form once the principal officially becomes incapacitated. State law requires incapacity to be determined by a medical professional. More specifically, the professional will make the determination that “the principal’s condition renders them incapable of receiving and evaluating information effectively or communicating decisions to such an extent that they lack the capacity to manage their own health care decisions.”

Laws§§ 155.01 to 155.80 “Power of Attorney for Health Care”

Signing requirements (§ 155.110) – Signed by the principal in view of two (2) witnesses (who must also sign the form).