Wisconsin Minor Child Power of Attorney Form


A Wisconsin minor child power of attorney form is a valuable legal tool that lets parents or guardians delegate their parental responsibilities to a designated agent for a short period. This arrangement is particularly beneficial when parents or guardians face situations where they cannot care for their children, such as medical emergencies, work-related travel, or military deployment. The appointed agent, typically a trusted family member or close friend, assumes responsibility for the child’s care, education, and health-related decisions during the specified time.

In most cases, the duration of a Wisconsin minor child power of attorney cannot exceed one (1) year, ensuring that the arrangement remains temporary. The parent or guardian must sign the form and have a notary public notarize it to be legally binding. Parents or guardians should review the document thoroughly before signing, specifying any limitations or conditions they wish to impose on the agent’s authority.

State Laws: § 48.979(1)(a)

Signing Requirements (§ 48.979(2)): The parent(s), the agent, two (2) witnesses, and a notary public must sign.