Wisconsin Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney Form

The Wisconsin Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney is a special Power of Attorney devoted to the matter of Power of Attorney arrangements involving motor vehicles. It is set up in a way that demystifies the process of one party to handling the motor vehicle affairs of another party. Minimal details are needed for the form to be executed—in addition to the motor vehicle owner providing a few details about themselves, their selected Agent, and their vehicle, they are only required to indicate the acts they wish their Agent to perform on their behalf. Therefore, anyone who is concerned about the complexity of proceeding with a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney should not be. It is, in fact, a very straightforward process.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney for Finances and Property

Signing Requirements – Wisconsin state law does not highlight specific signing requirements for a Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney to be enacted. It is, however, strongly recommended that the Principal signs the document before a Notary Public and/or two (2) witnesses.