Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form


A Wisconsin motor vehicle power of attorney allows an individual (the agent) to legally take on car-related responsibilities for a vehicle owner (the principal). The form gives the agent the power to register or title a vehicle, make a duplicate title request, obtain a new certificate of title, and handle other related tasks.

Signing requirements: No state-specific statute; however, it is recommended that the vehicle owner sign the form and have it notarized.

What is a Wisconsin Motor Vehicle POA?

A Wisconsin motor vehicle power of attorney acts as a permission slip by empowering a person to make decisions for someone else’s car. A principal could complete the form if they cannot attend a registration appointment or the sale of the vehicle. The document binds the selected person to the tasks and reassures the owner since they can use it in court if legal concerns arise.

The principal has the responsibility of explicitly stating what needs to be done and discussing this information with the agent. Taking this step prevents the assigned person from making unintentional mistakes.

If the owner decides the agent is not a good fit, they can cancel the document with a revocation power of attorney. However, if they have made a mistake, they need to complete a new motor vehicle power of attorney form, as they cannot legally fix it in the original copy. By making a new document, the old one automatically expires.