Washington Small Estate Affidavit

A Washington Small Estate Affidavit can be used to receive due payment of a Decedent’s personal property from any party who is either a) holding the personal property, or b) indebted to them. The personal property must not be valued in excess of $100,000 in order to use this fast-track method of estate resolution. Further to this, state law necessitates that this Affidavit may only be executed after it has been at least forty (40) days since the Decedent’s death.

Laws & Required Conditions

Laws: RCW 11.62.010

Maximum Estate Value: $100,000

Required Conditions: 

Forty (40) days after the Decedent’s death, an Affidavit containing the mandatory statements found in RCW 11.62.010(2) may be presented to any relevant parties. It is necessary for a copy of the affidavit, of which must include the Decedent’s social security number, to be mailed to the state of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, Office of Financial Recovery.