Alaska ATV / Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form


An Alaska ATV / snowmobile bill of sale (Form 808) finalizes the deal of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or snowmachine. The state provides the form to residents and requires them to use it when transferring ownership of motorized vehicles. Both parties fill out the document together, then make the exchange. Going through the process in this order ensures that the seller receives compensation and the buyer receives the item in the condition listed.

  • Statutes: AS 28.10.011 and AS 28.39
  • Signing Requirements: The seller needs to sign the form to validate it.

What is an ATV / Snowmobile Bill of Sale?

An ATV / snowmobile bill of sale legalizes the exchange of a powered outdoor vehicle from a seller to a buyer. When completing the form, the registered owner or dealer must input the following: 1) their printed name, 2) the equipment’s information, 3) the date of the sale, 4) the buyer’s personal details, and 5) their signature. Upon signing, the merchant relinquishes their ownership and bestows it to the buyer.

Customers who buy snowmobiles or ATVs through a dealership do not handle the registration process. Instead, the dealer submits the required paperwork and payment on their behalf. After purchasing, the new owner receives a temporary registration, which allows them to use the equipment until the DMV mails them their official documentation and decals.

The owner must have the registration with them at all times while operating the snowmachine or ATV. In addition, they must correctly apply the decal stickers so that others can easily see the number and expiration date. Alaska wildlife troopers can ticket or fine individuals who do not comply with these regulations

How to Register an ATV or Snowmobile (3 Steps)

Owners must register their equipment if they plan to use it on official trail systems or public property. Registration must occur within fifteen (15) days of purchasing via private sale.

If the owner acquired the personal property through a dealership, they do not need to handle registration matters. Instead, the dealer is responsible for sending the information to the DMV.

Alaska does not require residents to title ATVs or snowmobiles.

Step 1 – Visit DMV to Submit Forms

Find the nearest DMV Location to make an appointment. Bring the required documents and an accepted form of payment to the registration office.

Bring the Following:

Step 2 – Apply Decals

When registering the ATV or snowmobile for the first time, the state gives the equipment a permanent decal number. This number stays with the machine for its entire lifetime, even if it changes owners.

After the DMV approves the registration, they will send decal stickers to the owner, who must adhere them to the equipment. Individuals renewing their registration must remove the previous years’ sticker and attach the new one from the state.

When affixing the decals, the ATV or snowmobile owner must:

  • Place it on both the left and right sides;
  • Stick it to the area below the seat and above the footrests (a section known as the “tunnel”);
  • Avoid putting the sticker near or on top of the serial number; and
  • Ensure the decals are visible at all times.

Step 3 – Renew By Season

In Alaska, the DMV uses the word “season” to refer to the length of a registration period. One “season” lasts for two (2) years, starting on October 1st and ending on September 30th. Residents can extend the registration period to six (6) years by purchasing three (3) seasons.