Alabama Trailer Bill of Sale Form


An Alabama trailer bill of sale form transcribes the specifics of a deal between a buyer and seller involving a utility hauler. The named individuals download and use the document to summarize the agreement. They must include essential information, such as the condition of the trailer, the sale price, and the payment method.

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Coffee County

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Houston County

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What is an Alabama Trailer Bill of Sale?

An Alabama trailer bill of sale records the change in ownership of an item with flat wooden or metal boards that attaches to the hitch of a car, tractor, all-terrain vehicle, or another motorized device.

The document binds the buyer to the responsibility of compensating the seller for ownership. It also ties the seller to giving the buyer possession while affirming that the trailer does not have repair orders or mechanical issues.

Alabama residents must register utility trailers but do not need to title or inspect them. The Department of Revenue (DOR) does not allow permanent registration for utility trailers. Privately owned trailers cost $12 to register, whereas rented or leased trailers cost $15. The new owner must provide the DOR with the signed trailer bill of sale for registration purposes.

How to Register a Trailer (4 Steps)

The owner of a utility trailer in Alabama must register it; however, they do not need to undergo the title or inspection process (§ 32-8-32).

Step 1 – Make an Appointment

Review the list of vehicle licensing locations in the state and make an appointment online with the nearest office.

Step 2 – Submit Paperwork to DOR

Gather the documents below and have them signed or notarized as needed. Bring the forms and an accepted form of payment on the day of the appointment to ensure that the vehicle licensing staff does not reject the application.

Bring the Following:

Step 3 – Attach Registration Plate

Accepted applicants receive a license plate for the trailer, which includes the valid registration dates. The owner must securely affix the plate to the trailer, ensuring that drivers and law enforcement can clearly see it at all times.

Step 4 – Renew

Since Alabama does not allow permanent plates for utility trailers, the owner must renew the registration yearly. Registration lasts for one (1) year and ends on the last day of the expiration month.

The DOR uses the chart below to determine registration expirations and renewals. Owners must locate the first letter of their last name and refer to the listed month. Their registration ends on the last day of that month. For instance, the trailer registration of a person with the last name “Sherman” would expire on September 30th of the following year.

  • January – A & D
  • February – B
  • March – C & E
  • April – F, G, N
  • May – H, O
  • June – I, M
  • July – L, P
  • August – J, K, R
  • September – Q, S, T
  • October – U, V, W, X, Y, Z
  • November – Leased, commercial, and fleet vehicles must renew between October 1st and November 30th.