Arkansas Firearm Bill of Sale Form


An Arkansas firearm bill of sale form provides written confirmation of legal weapon transfers. This exchange happens when an interested party wants to purchase a gun from an owner and offers a price. The seller agrees to the amount or provides a counteroffer. Both parties continue to negotiate until they reach a fair deal. After mutually agreeing on the terms, the buyer and seller outline the arrangement using the bill of sale.

What is an Arkansas Gun Bill of Sale?

An Arkansas gun bill of sale lists the conditions of a firearm deal between a buyer and seller. The selling process begins when a buyer learns of the sale. They contact the merchant and usually view the item in person. If the purchaser decides they want it, they discuss the deal with the owner before completing a bill of sale form.

Buyers should beware of scams when purchasing a gun. Hoaxes often happen online where the “seller” takes the buyer’s money without giving them the weapon in return. For this reason, individuals should buy locally and make sure they see the firearm before paying for it. They must also fill out the bill of sale document with the seller before exchanging funds to lock in the deal.

How to Apply for Arkansas Concealed Carry Permit

Arkansas does not require residents to register guns or hold a permit. Private sellers do not have to report gun sales, nor do they need to issue a background check on buyers. Gun holders over the age of eighteen (18) can legally open or concealed carry in unrestricted areas, as well (§ 5-73-120).

Residents can obtain a permit to lessen carrying restrictions and make dealer purchases without needing a background check. The applicant must bring the completed paperwork to a state police headquarters location for consideration.

Step 1 – Take a Training Course

All applicants must take and pass a certified training course. The Arkansas Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides an online catalog of classes for interested individuals.

The education needed depends on the type of permit desired. If the resident wants to apply for an “enhanced” license, they must take the basic and enhanced training courses. To obtain this certification, the applicant must attend eight (8) hours of classes and pass the live-fire test.

Residents must include their certification(s) in their application packet. Individuals applying for the “enhanced” permit need to send in two (2) separate documents (one for the basic class and another for the enhanced).

Step 2 – Complete Application

The DPS gives residents two (2) options for completing the application: online or on paper. However, they recommend the online option as it uses less time and paper. Individuals must apply within six (6) months of passing the training course.

License holders that want to upgrade to an enhanced permit must also fill out an “Enhanced Endorsement to Replacement License Request Form.”

Online Processing

  1. Make an account through the licensing portal.
  2. Complete the application honestly and accurately.
  3. Record the confirmation number and print fingerprinting submission forms.
  4. Bring fingerprinting documents to a fingerprint harvester for scanning. They will electronically send the scans to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
  5. Write the confirmation number on the training certificate(s) and the fingerprint submission forms. Send the documents to the Arkansas State Police by e-mail, fax, or mail.

Printed Application Processing

  1. Print the application.
  2. Drop off or mail the completed application, training certificate(s), and payment (cash prohibited if mailing).
  3. Receive fingerprint submission forms by mail. Bring the documents with the confirmation number to a fingerprint harvester. The harvester will send the fingerprints to the AFIS.
  4. Email, fax, or mail the fingerprint submission forms to the police station.

Step 3 – Wait for Response

Applicants can check the status of their permit by visiting the online portal. The review can take up to four (4) months. Residents who do not hear back within this timeframe must contact their local state police office.

Individuals denied a concealed handgun carry license must understand the state’s reason for doing so. If the applicant forgets to include documentation, they can reapply, ensuring they provide the appropriate information. However, if the state rejects them due to a criminal charge, misdemeanor, or another serious offense, they cannot reapply or receive a concealed handgun carry license.

Step 4 – Renew

Concealed handgun carry licenses last for five (5) years in Arkansas. Residents can renew up to ninety (90) days before their license expires and up to six (6) months after. If the individual tries to renew after the six (6) month mark, they cannot. Instead, they have to apply as a new applicant.

Renewals can occur online or by mail. Individuals must complete the application, submit their training certificate (taken within six (6) months of renewing), and pay the fees. Applications sent before the expiration date have a cost of $50. The state charges an additional $15 to people who renew after the expiration date (up to six (6) months later).

Arkansas State Police Contact Information
  • Email –
  • Fax – (501) 618-8555
  • Mail – Arkansas State Police, ATTN: CHCL, 1 State Police Plaza Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209