Arkansas Bill of Sale Forms (5)


An Arkansas bill of sale form confirms the sale of an item from one party to another. The buyer and seller should be thorough by disclosing all sale details. Providing this information early on protects both parties from legal action in the future. By signing, the parties agree to all terms and conditions in the form. They also accept liability for the content therein.


  • Arkansas residents do not need to notarize bill of sale documents.
  • Private gun sales do not require the use of a background check.
  • Owners must register and title their trailer following the purchase.

Types (5)

Boat Bill of Sale – This form proves that the owner legally possesses a boat.

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Firearm Bill of Sale – This document informs others of an individual’s gun ownership.

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General Bill of Sale – Serves as a guide for how the transaction of a non-specific item transpired between two individuals.

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Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale – Outlines the agreement of the buyer and seller when selling, gifting, or trading a vehicle.

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Trailer Bill of Sale – Records the happenings of a deal for a tow behind between a buyer and seller.

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Signing Requirements

Bill of Sale TypeBuyer SignatureSeller SignatureNotarization
BoatRequiredRequiredNot required
FirearmRequiredRequiredNot required
General (others)RequiredRequiredNot required
Motor VehicleRequiredRequiredNot required
TrailerRequiredRequiredNot required

What is an Arkansas Bill of Sale?

An Arkansas bill of sale puts a deal between two (2) people in writing by defining the terms of an ownership transfer. The form denotes the item’s condition and its value during the sale. Both parties must include an accurate valuation, even if the owner gifts the object to the new owner. Note that the state requires additional forms for the gifted property.

Each person involved should hold onto a copy of the bill of sale to maintain the transfer record. The new owner could need it for registration, proving ownership, or when re-selling the item. Individuals should safely store the document as obtaining a new one can prove difficult, especially if they cannot contact the previous owner. Keeping it protected also prevents legal issues if someone steals the bill of sale and (wrongfully) claims the item as lost or their own.

Registration Forms: Boats

Owners must present registration documents and fees to a state revenue office.

  • Bill of Sale – A form required for registration that legally transfers watercraft.
  • Application for Watercraft – For the attainment of vessel registration.
  • Payment – The cost includes processing and sticker fees.
  • Insurance – A minimum of $50,000 liability insurance for boats over 50 horsepower.
  • Hull Identification Number (HIN) Verification – A pencil rubbing or clear, printed picture of the HIN.
  • Tax Assessment – Informs the revenue office that a county assessor calculated the boat’s value or the owner has set up an appointment day.
  • Proof of Paid Taxes – Verifies that the owner paid taxes by October 10th of the previous year.
  • Identification (ID) – To confirm the applicant’s identity and residency. The revenue office accepts driver’s licenses, state IDs, or passports as proof.

Registration Forms: Firearms

Arkansas gun owners do not need to register their guns or obtain a permit to carry or buy. Nevertheless, individuals can decide to get a license to open and concealed carry in additional locations. They must bring the following forms to an Arkansas state police headquarters location.

Additional (Optional) Documents

Registration Forms: Vehicles

Set up an appointment with a Department of Finance (DFA) office to register a car in the state or use the online service.

Additional (Optional) Documents

  • Arkansas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney – This form appoints a person to make automobile-related choices for another person.
  • Lien Contract / Security Agreement – Needed if a lienholder holds the title.
  • Personal Property Tax Number (PPAN) – Assigned by the county assessor.
  • Proof of Paid Taxes – Verification of taxes paid by October 10th of the year before.
  • Official Release of Lien (Form 10-315) – A lienholder completes this form when the owner pays off the loan or requests a replacement title.
  • Tax Assessment – A form proving that a county assessor has appraised the car or has plans to in the future.

Registration Forms: Trailers

Bring the necessary forms and payment to a DFA office for trailer registration. 

  • Bill of Sale – A form that an owner must present to register their utility trailer.
  • Payment – Fees depend on the class of the trailer.
  • Identification (ID) – Documentation that proves the person’s information (i.e., an Arkansas driver’s license, ID, or passport).