Arizona Firearm Bill of Sale Form


An Arizona firearm bill of sale form signifies the private transfer of a weapon used for protection, hunting, or recreational purposes. The individuals must conduct the transaction per state law to avoid criminal charges or fines. Although the seller does not have to carry out a background check on the buyer, they must ascertain the person can possess a firearm. In other words, the purchaser must be of proper age and cannot have felonies on their record or suffer from a mental illness. This requirement protects the individual and other citizens from mass shootings, gun-related murders, and suicides.

What is an Arizona Gun Bill of Sale?

An Arizona gun bill of sale represents the dealings between two (2) people for a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Although less common, the buyer and seller can exchange ammunition or other accessories using a bill of sale form. It also generally excludes automatic weapons, such as machine and submachine guns.

The document requires information about the gun, such as its:

  • Make;
  • Model;
  • Type;
  • Caliber/Gauge;
  • Serial Number;
  • Purchase Price (or Value); and/or
  • Taxes paid.

By signing, the buyer and seller agree to the disclosures listed in the bill of sale. The new owner must be a U.S. citizen over the legal age to own a firearm without any signs of criminal or mental history. In addition, they cannot have a dishonorable discharge from the army, drug or alcohol addictions, or a record of domestic violence. If they carry out the transaction without satisfying these requirements, the state can charge them with a crime. Similarly, the seller can face fines and arrest for giving a firearm to an unlawful member of society.

How to Apply for Arizona Concealed Carry Permit

Arizona favors the second amendment as they have very few gun restrictions. If a resident meets the age criteria, they do not need a permit to open or concealed carry. The minimum ages include eighteen (18) for open carry and twenty-one (21) for concealed carry.

Although most people do not need a concealed carry of weapons (CCW) permit, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director’s Office offers them. With a CCW, an owner can possess a firearm in additional locations. For example, an individual cannot carry a concealed gun in facilities that sell alcohol (i.e., a restaurant or bar). However, they can carry a concealed weapon in this location with a CCW (§ 4-244, § 4-229, § 13-3102).

Step 1 – Consider Requirements

Before applying for a CCW permit, residents must consider their eligibility. The state requires the person to:

  • Be over the age of twenty-one (21) (or nineteen (19) if they provide military documents);
  • Be a resident of the United States;
  • Not have felony charges, criminal convictions, or prohibitions by the law for any reason;
  • Not have a mental illness or a history of being in a mental facility; and
  • Complete a gun safety course through a certified instructor (§ 13-3112.E).

Applicants born outside of the United States must submit additional documentation containing proof of their citizenship status.

Step 2 – Take Certified Training Course

The applicant must take and pass an approved firearm safety course, such as a National Rifle Association (NRA) program (§ 13-3112.N). Arizona offers online and in-person classes. After finishing the course, the applicant must obtain an official certificate from the instructor and provide it to the state.

Step 3 – Submit Required Information

The applicant can submit the paperwork and payment at the drop-off center in Phoenix. They can also send it in by mail. Page one (1) of the application contains additional information about the requirements and steps the individual must take to obtain a CCW.

Bring the Following:

Step 4 – Wait for Decision

The Concealed Weapons Permit Unit (CWPU) takes up to seventy-five (75) days to review the application. They conduct state and federal background checks to ensure that the resident does not have a criminal history and review all provided documents. If the applicant sends in the correct information and passes the test(s), the state provides them with the license.

Step 5 – Renew

CCW permits in Arizona last for five (5) years. The DPS sends renewal packets containing reapplication information ninety (90) days before expiration. Individuals must send in the necessary forms with the requested amount of money through the mail or at the Phoenix drop-off center.

Generally, CCW holders do not have to submit fingerprints or take another gun safety course to reapply. However, if the resident does not renew within sixty (60) days after the expiration date, they must apply for a new license by going through the first-time registration process again.

The license holder must notify the DPS within ten (10) days and pay a $10 fee if their address or phone number changes or their permit becomes lost, damaged, or stolen.

DPS Mailing Address DPS Drop-Off Location


P.O. Box 6488

Phoenix, AZ 85005

DPS Public Service Center

2222 W. Encanto Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85009