Arizona Trailer Bill of Sale Form


An Arizona trailer bill of sale form defines the carrying platform that a buyer and seller exchange. The previous and new owners can use it to carry off-highway vehicles (i.e., all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, etc.), transport farm animals, or carry homemade goods. Residents should only use this form for private-use trailers. Owners of trailers for commercial use should not use this document. Instead, they should refer to Arizona’s purchasing, registering, and titling laws for commercial trailers.

  • Statutes: § 28-2003 and § 28-5801
  • Signing Requirements: Arizona requires signatures from the buyer and seller.

What is an Arizona Trailer Bill of Sale?

An Arizona trailer bill of sale is a contract used between two (2) parties when transferring a utility or boat trailer. It documents the property’s details and its main purpose (e.g., carrying materials or towing large items).

The trailer requires registration and title per state law. When registering, the applicant must provide proof that the towing vehicle has a registration, title, and insurance plan.

How to Register a Trailer (3 Steps)

Non-commercial registration must occur at Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). Most utility trailers fall under the “permanent” category as long as they weigh less than 10,000 pounds. Otherwise, the resident must apply for a one-, two-, or five-year regular registration.

Step 1 – Determine the Registration Type

The MVD separates the trailer registration process by their weight and purpose. If the trailer has a non-commercial (or private) use and weighs 10,000 pounds or less loaded, it requires a one-time registration. This category does not include trailers used for travel or tenting purposes.

The state also gives permanent registrations to utility trailers weighing 10,001 pounds or more if they have a previous registration from another state and have a model year six years or newer. The owner pays a reduced rate if the trailer has a model year of six years ago or older.

Commercial, travel, tent, and historic trailers are not eligible for permanent registration. Registering cargo carriers of this nature differ as the process requires additional documentation and fees.

Step 2 – Apply for Trailer Registration & Title

After researching the rates and paperwork for registering a utility trailer in Arizona, make an appointment with a local MVD office. The owner must ensure they have the correct documentation with the proper signatures and/or notarization seals. If they cannot provide this information, the staff can turn them away, delaying the registration and titling procedure.

Bring the Following:

Step 3 – Renew

If the owner has applied for permanent registration, they do not need to renew as it lasts indefinitely. However, if the trailer requires renewal, the resident must submit the official forms before expiration. This date depends on the registration period length (i.e., one, two, or five years). If the individual does not submit the payment on time, the state imposes extra fees until they repay their debts.

Registrars can renew their information online, by mail, through the phone (1-888-713-3031), at a CheckFreePay location, or at an authorized third-party office.

MVD Mailing Address:
Arizona Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
PO Box 29008
Phoenix, AZ 85038