Bicycle Bill of Sale Form

A Bicycle Bill of Sale is a document that a seller must sign following the purchase of a bicycle. It includes specific details such as the time and date of purchase, identification information, and all associated costs and payments. The form is only considered valid once both parties sign it. Notarization is recommended to prove the transaction took place and that the new buyer is now the legitimate owner of the bike.

Importance of Using a Bicycle Bill of Sale

The form acts as a receipt and protects both parties. It is critical for buyers as it proves that they have paid for the item in full. At the moment of signing, the buyer is also responsible for any costs associated with the bike. In other words, they cannot request reimbursement from the seller if anything were to go wrong after the sale. The document is also a safeguard for sellers. If an accident occurs following the purchase, the form includes all details about the bicycle’s condition and any recommended repair work to cover them.