Bicycle Bill of Sale Form


A bicycle bill of sale is a document that proves that a buyer legally purchased a two (2) wheeled transportation device from a seller. It includes the information needed to identify the bike as well as the two (2) parties who were involved in the sale. Upon signing, the seller officially transfers ownership of the bicycle to the buyer.


What is a Bicycle Bill of Sale?

A bicycle bill of sale is a form that includes information about how and when a bike sale occurred. It is valuable because it acts as a receipt and protects both parties. Safely store it after the sale so that it can be referenced as needed.

A bill of sale shows that a person paid for an item and owns it. The form states the names of the buyer and seller, the date of the sale, and the payment amount and type. Because it includes these details, it can be used if the buyer wishes to re-sell the bike.

Once the form is signed, the buyer becomes liable for any repairs that the bicycle needs. In other words, they cannot request money from the seller if something breaks after the sale.

However, the seller is responsible for costs and damages if they knew about an issue with the bicycle, but failed to tell the buyer. In this case, they must include the repair(s) needed in the bill of sale.

When to Use a Bicycle Bill of Sale

A bicycle bill of sale is used when a buyer obtains a bicycle from a seller by cash, trade, or gift. It proves that the buyer is the rightful owner and relieves the seller of responsibility for the bike. Both parties should retain a copy so it can be presented as needed. It is especially important for the buyer to keep as they will need it if they ever wish to re-sell the bicycle.

How to Write (4 Steps)

Reference the following four steps when completing a bicycle bill of sale.

Step 1 – Buyer + Seller Information

The first section (“Buyer & Seller”) contains personal information so that both parties can be contacted if there are ever any issues with the bicycle or the bill of sale. When completing the form, fill in the date of the sale in a month/day/year format. Enter the following details for both parties: 1) full name, 2) address, 3) phone number, and 4) email.

Step 2 – Bicycle Details

To identify the bicycle, write its full description under the label “Bicycle Info.” Include information, such as its make, model, type (e.g., dirt, tandem, road, etc.), age, frame color, and serial number.

Step 3 – Payment

The “Payment” part of the form contains the details of how the buyer paid the seller for the bicycle. For traded or gifted bikes, be sure to include the information on the line labeled “Additional Terms.”

Enter the sale price ($) and check the box next to “Yes” or “No” depending on whether or not taxes were included in the total cost. Next, select the correct box for the type of payment method used (i.e. cash, check, debit or credit card, other).

Step 4 – Signatures

The document is only considered valid once the buyer and seller sign it. By printing the date, their names, and signatures, both parties confirm the transfer occurred, the buyer has paid for the item, and the seller has transferred the item to the buyer.

Sample: Bicycle Bill of Sale

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