Indiana Firearm Bill of Sale Form


An Indiana firearm bill of sale form condenses the specifics of a firearm trade into a single document. It notes the sale date, personal information of the buyer and seller, firearm details, and payment method. Both parties must agree to the disclosure statements listed on page two (2) of the form. They also need to follow the state’s unique firearm laws when carrying out the transfer. Failure to abide by regulations can result in tickets and jail time.

  • Statutes: IC 35
  • Background check? No.

What is an Indiana Gun Bill of Sale?

An Indiana gun bill of sale configures information relating to gun transfers. The deal occurs between two (2) residents who can legally own, sell, and buy weapons. Neither party needs a permit to purchase or possess a gun.

Nonetheless, the seller must ensure that the buyer meets the state’s qualifications and does not have a criminal history. They should also observe the purchaser’s mental state and their ability (or inability) to handle the selling process. If they notice any red flags, they should deny the sale or have the buyer undergo a background check through a licensed dealer.

How to Apply for a License to Carry (LTC)

Starting July 1, 2022, Indiana dwellers do not need a license to carry a handgun (LTCH), although individuals can still apply for a permit if they wish to do so. It does not exempt anyone from the national background check performed by a dealer. However, residents can apply to lessen the state-imposed carrying restrictions. The Indiana State Police (ISP) handles LTCH application processing.

Step 1 – Online Application

Applicants must begin by completing an online application. The document requests basic information, such as a home address, current job, and criminal history. After finalizing the form, the individual must complete the following steps within ninety (90) days. If they do not meet the deadline, they must resubmit an application and/or other required paperwork.

Step 2 – Fingerprints

Residents must have their fingerprints taken to submit them to the ISP. They can schedule their appointment online or contact a fingerprinting location. The office requests payment immediately after taking the fingerprints. Applicants having trouble must contact the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) at 1-877-472-6917.

Step 3 – Police Agency

The individual must visit their local police agency within ninety (90) days of submitting the application as a next step. They must bring their handgun license application number and payment to their appointment (made through an ISP office).

Step 4 – Wait

Approved applicants obtain their permit through the mail within sixty (60) days of applying. Rejected applicants receive a notice instructing them to reapply or file an appeal.

Step 5 – Renew

Permits last for five (5) years. As of July 1, 2020, residents do not need to pay the renewal fee.

The renewal process closely resembles the new applicant procedures. Individuals must first complete the online application, have their fingerprints taken, and visit their nearby ISP office within ninety (90) days.