Kansas Boat Bill of Sale Form


A Kansas boat bill of sale form certifies the buyer as the vessel’s new owner. The document must offer the vessel’s make, length, hull identification number (HIN), and registration number. Trades involving a motor need its year, make, and horsepower. If the deal pertains to a boat trailer, it must also provide its year, make, length, vehicle identification number (VIN), and the number of axles.

  • Statutes: §§ 32-1101 to 32-1180
  • Signing Requirements: The document requests the signatures of the buyer and seller.

County Versions (PDF)

What is a Kansas Vessel Bill of Sale?

A Kansas vessel bill of sale allows the transfer of a boat, motor, and/or trailer. Individuals can include the engine and trailer in the document, or they can complete item-specific forms. If using one (1) bill of sale, the person filling it out must separate the information, such as the purchase prices of each item.

Buyers and sellers must print their legal name, address, and phone number(s). At the bottom of the form, they need to endorse it with their signature and signed date. The signatures make the form official since it does not require notarization or witnesses.

The seller must contact their county appraiser after the sale. This step ensures that both parties pay the appropriate amount in taxes. For example, if the sale occurs in mid-June, the previous owner pays from January to June. Similarly, the new owner pays between June and December (and beyond as long as they possess the vessel).

Did You Know?

Individuals from age twelve (12) to twenty (20) can operate a boat without a license in the following circumstances: 1) a resident eighteen (18) years or older with a license is on the boat, or 2) someone twenty-one (21) years or older is on the boat (§ 32-1125).

Residents between twelve (12) and twenty (20) who want to use a motorized boat or sailboat without supervision must pass a boater safety course. The class must fall under the state-approved certification options. Drivers must have the boater safety card with them when operating the vessel.

How to Register a Boat in Kansas (6 Steps)

Kansas requires boats to have a registration but not a title. Residents who made an in-state purchase must register within sixty (60) days. The seller must notify the Department of Wildlife and Parks (DWP) of the sale within fifteen (15) days.

Visitors with a valid out-of-state registration can legally drive in Kansas waters for sixty (60) consecutive days before needing to register. Registration occurs in person at State Parks, Regional Offices, Boat Registration Agents, or through the mail.

Step 1 – Requirements

Vessels with gasoline, diesel, or electric motors require a registration number and decal through the state. Sailboats also need a certification number and sticker. Law enforcement checks for this information when patrolling the waters, and therefore, owners must have it displayed as required. In addition, they must have their registration on board whenever they use the boat.

Step 2 – Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Certification

Individuals who use their boat in Council Grove City Lake, the old and new Herington City Lakes, and Father Padilla Pond must have an ANS sticker. The online course takes five (5) minutes to complete. Boaters must pass the exam and print their certification, which must stay on the boat when using it.

Step 3 – Register

Residents must make an appointment with one (1) of the three (3) available registering offices. They can also mail the information if they prefer to do so. Upon registration, the applicant must provide a printed photo or etching of the hull identification number (HIN). This number applies only to the registered boat and verifies its identity.

Provide the Following:

Step 4 – Decals + Number

The approved applicant receives an individualized Kansas registration number and two (2) decals. Each sequence has eight (8) digits and always begins with “KS.” The subsequent section has one (1) to four (4) numbers with two (2) letters following it. For example, the state could assign the following number: KS-485-FO.

Owners must paint or print the registration number and decals on the front top half of the boat. The state requires the registrar to provide the information in the following manner:

  • Vertically, left to right;
  • Block letters at least three (3) inches tall;
  • Colored to project against the boat’s paint; and
  • Spaces or hyphens equal to letter-size in between each set of numbers and letters.

The decal must appear aligned with the registration number and lasts for the entire three (3) year registration period. Boaters can find specific instructions on the back of the sticker.

Step 5 – County Appraiser

The state charges tax penalties to boaters who do not list their watercraft yearly with the county appraiser. Therefore, owners must ensure they meet the March 15th deadline each year. To avoid the late fee, exempt individuals must provide a “Declaration of Exemption” (Form ST-8B).

Step 6 – Renew

Kansas boat registrations last for three (3) years. The DWP mails a renewal notice six (6) weeks before the expiration date.

Renewals can occur through State Parks, Regional Offices, and Boat Registration Agents. The owner can also renew by phone (1-620-672-5911), online, or by mail.

Mailing Address:
KDWPT Pratt Operations Office
ATTN: Boat Registration
512 SE 25th Ave.
Pratt, KS 67124