Kentucky Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms


A Kentucky motor vehicle bill of sale form accompanies a title when changing ownership of a car. The title officially transfers possession, whereas the bill of sale serves as a receipt of the purchase. Buyers and sellers hold onto a copy of the form to prove the deal happened lawfully. Both parties must ensure they provide accurate information without any typos or errors when completing the form. Neither person can alter the details of the document, meaning they must create a new one if they need to make edits.

  • Statutes: KRS Chapter 186
  • Signing Requirements: The previous owner(s) and new owner(s) need to provide their signatures.

What is a Kentucky Car Bill of Sale?

A Kentucky car bill of sale reports the mechanical and cosmetic details of a vehicle when selling it. Each person must also give their credentials to prove their identity and allow others to contact them post-sale. State offices, companies, and third parties reading the document should easily find information about the buyer, seller, and transfer vehicle. If not, both parties must complete and submit a new bill of sale form with their signatures.

What are the Buyer’s Tasks?

The state of Kentucky advises buyers to beware of scams involving “rebuilt” vehicles from areas damaged by hurricanes and floods. Individuals bring the cars from locations like Florida and Texas (after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma) and rebuild them. Then, they fail to report the incident before selling the vehicle.

There is no way to reimburse buyers who purchase previously flooded cars unknowingly. Therefore, individuals should remain vigilant about the vehicle’s history and ensure they trust the seller. Take the following steps to avoid purchasing a fraudulent automobile:

  • Request information about the car’s history;
  • Search online for the vehicle’s records;
  • Look up the vehicle identification number (VIN);
  • Have a certified mechanic inspect it;
  • Ask questions; and
  • Look out for red flags (i.e., inconsistent answers, odd behavior, etc.).

Buyers should report suspicious activity to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

What are the Seller’s Tasks?

The owner must have possession of the title before selling the vehicle. It must not have damages or alterations. If corrections become necessary, the seller must provide an affidavit with the new information. They must enter the mileage and other essential information in the title, then sign it in front of a notary public. After this step, they must transfer the title to the buyer and notify the state of the transfer within fifteen (15) days.

Sellers who fail to notify the state within the given timeframe must provide the office with an Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer (Form TC 96-3). If they remained a Kentucky resident and owned the vehicle on January 1st, then the state could legally require payment for vehicle property taxes.

If a lienholder exists, they must provide an Affidavit Supporting Repossession and Disposition of a Vehicle (Form TC 96-192), an application (Form TC 96-182), and a security agreement between the lienholder and vehicle owner. All forms must go to the County Clerk’s Office.

How to Register a Car in Kentucky (5 Steps)

After purchasing, Kentucky residents have fifteen (15) days to register and title the vehicle in their name. New residents have ten (10) days from their move-in date. Registration and titling occur at the applicant’s nearest county clerk’s office.

Step 1 – Inspection

Individuals transferring their out-of-state vehicle into Kentucky must undergo a one-time VIN inspection. This process costs $5 and happens at a local Sheriff’s office by a qualified individual. The certified inspector must enter the required information on the application (Form TC 96-182), such as their signature, inspector number, and date.

The examiner compares the VIN to the number on the title and/or certificate of origin during the inspection. They also check the mileage and ensure it matches the title and registration application.

Step 2 – Insurance

Kentucky drivers must have an insurance plan that covers them if they get into an accident.

Per minimum liability requirements, the individual must have a policy of $25,000 for the bodily injury of one (1) person and $50,000 for two (2) or more persons. The plan must also include $25,000 for property damage per incident.

Individuals can also opt for a plan with a single minimum limit of $60,000 (instead of the bodily injury and property damage policy).

Step 3 – Title

Before registration, the owner must have their vehicle titled in Kentucky. They must present proof of in-state insurance with an issue date of forty-five (45) days or less, a photo identification (ID), and a completed application (Form TC 96-182). They must also provide the Kentucky title with the seller’s signed and notarized signature. Out-of-state vehicles also require proof of inspection.

Sellers whose name on the title differs from the name on their ID must submit an accompanying document proving their identity. For example, they can use a marriage license, divorce decree, or another appropriate form to show they are the same person as listed.

Step 4 – Register

After titling the vehicle, the owner must register it. They must go to their closest county clerk’s office to submit the documentation. If any affidavits exist, they must also provide them at that time.

Bring the Following:

Step 5 – Renew

Kentucky vehicle registrations expire yearly on the last day of the owner’s birth month. Renewals can occur in person at a county clerk’s office. During the appointment, individuals must provide their photo ID, a current registration, original proof of insurance, and payment.

Residents can apply online if they:

  • Have an eligible plate;
  • Do not have a leased vehicle or vehicles registered in separate counties;
  • Have a current, unexpired registration;
  • Have paid their property taxes (i.e., they are not overdue); and
  • Insured their vehicle for at least forty-five (45) days.
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