Louisiana General Bill of Sale Form


A Louisiana general bill of sale form encourages harmony between two (2) individuals transferring an item. It translates the agreement and ascertains that each person carries out their role. Buyers and sellers can use the document to support their side if discrepancies arise. However, in most cases, the deal moves forward without dispute. The bill of sale remains essential in either instance because it records the ownership change.

Signing Requirements: Buyers, sellers, and co-owners must sign.

What is a Louisiana General Bill of Sale?

A Louisiana general bill of sale serves as an official business deal notation. The document makes the following information known: 1) the buyer and seller’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, 2) the object’s description, 3) the payment method, and 4) signatures from both parties. Although optional, a notary public can also verify the form.

Does Louisiana Mandate a Bill of Sale?

Louisiana law deems it optional to complete a bill of sale when transferring personal property. However, individuals must complete a bill of sale if the title does not include the selling price or a notary public’s signature. Residents must use the state-official documents when buying or selling boats and vehicles. Otherwise, they can download a bill of sale or create their own.

Does it Require Notarization?

Transactions requiring a bill of sale form must contain a signature from a notary public. The certified individual must review each person’s state-issued identification (ID) and collect payment accordingly. Then, they observe both parties sign the form. The notary must give authorization by entering their printed name, ID number, and signature in the document. Boat bill of sales allow two (2) witnesses to sign in place of notarization.