Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Form


A Maine trailer bill of sale form authorizes the buyer as the current possessor and the seller as the previous possessor. Presenting the document to another entity allows each person to verify the deal happened and conveys their approval of the listed terms. While rare, both parties can use the bill of sale to back up their side of a legal issue. In most cases, however, the transfer happens without issue. Instead, the buyer presents the form to prove their ownership, while the seller uses it to demonstrate the release of liability on their behalf.

  • Statutes: 29-A §§ 511, 512
  • Signing Requirements: The person making the purchase and the individual selling the trailer need to sign in the appropriate fields.

What is a Maine Trailer Bill of Sale?

A Maine trailer bill of sale serves as a reference form to verify the previous owner and the new one. It also provides the trailer’s condition when the sale happens, thus existing as a record keeper. Future buyers or companies may use this information to determine the item’s quality and overall value. Completing each blank field provides further evidence of a unified transaction between both parties. Therefore, the buyer and seller should take the time to fill out each section of the document and ensure they provide honest responses.

How to Register a Trailer (3 Steps)

Trailer registration must occur through the owner’s local municipal office. If the location does not offer registration and titling services, they must contact a BMV branch.

Maine requires the registration of trailers used for utility purposes, carrying boats, and transporting other items. Only trailers 1995 or newer with a weight of 3,001 pounds or more (net weight) need a title.

Step 1 – Title

Trailers 1994 or older with an unladen weight of 3,000 pounds or less do not need a title, otherwise known as “exempt.” Model years 1995 or newer can have a title if they weigh 3,001 pounds or more loaded.

If the owner has an out-of-state title in their name, they do not need to re-title. However, they must present a copy of the front and back sides of the title to the municipal office.

Trailers that weigh 3,0001 pounds or more (net weight) need a title before the owner can register them. Furthermore, these trailers can only obtain a Maine title if they have a previous in-state or out-of-state title. In other words, the state will not issue a brand-new title.

Step 2 – Registration

All trailers in the state need a registration, even if it does not have a title. Non-residents can register their trailer in Maine if it remains within state borders. The process for registration differs depending on whether the owner purchased the trailer through a dealer, private sale, or handcrafted it.


When registering a dealership trailer, the owner (or dealer) must present the bill of sale and fees. They must also provide a blue title application if it weighs over 3,000 pounds net weight with the model year of 1995 or newer.


Individuals registering their used trailer must submit the bill of sale, and the title signed over to them if the trailer has the model year of 1995 or newer and has a net weight of over 3,000 pounds.

They must pay a 5.5% sales tax on the purchase price during registration. They also owe fees for the one (1) or two (2) years they choose to extend the registration.


Homemade trailers require an inspection and the assignment of a vehicle identification number (VIN). The owner must present a homemade trailer statement and the previous registration and title. If the last title does not exist, they must also complete an Inspection of VIN by Authorized Person (Form MVT-10).

Step 3 – Renew

Maine trailer registrations last for one (1) or two (2) years, depending on the selection made by the owner. The expiration date exists on the registration document, although the state sends a notification before it terminates.

Residents can renew online if they live in a participating municipality and have a non-excise taxable trailer. Otherwise, they must use the excise taxable renewal system or visit their local office to provide the forms and fees.

Individuals can use the online service up to sixty (60) days before the expiration date or as soon as it expires. They must have the current registration available and an accepted credit card and printer. Once submitted, it takes about seven (7) days to receive the trailer registration by mail.

Mailing Address:
Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0029