Minnesota Trailer Bill of Sale Form


A Minnesota trailer bill of sale form outlines a transaction’s terms and states the property’s condition during the deal. It explicitly mentions the amount the buyer paid, the method they compensated the seller, and any additional terms agreed upon by both parties. The merchant and purchaser each retain a copy of the form for their permanent records so they and others can reference it as needed after the transfer. While the signatures do not require notarization, the state suggests it for legal purposes.

  • Statutes: § 168.013 and § 169.81
  • Signing Requirements: The purchaser and vendor must enter their signatures.

What is a Minnesota Trailer Bill of Sale?

A Minnesota trailer bill of sale represents the buyer and seller and their corresponding agreement during a transfer involving trading, gifting, or monetary payment. The document explains the amount the buyer gave the seller in exchange for ownership.

If the deal happened by trade or gift, the corresponding party must note it in the form. They must include the trailer’s value and/or the item transferred in the trade deal. While the bill of sale does not require extensive details, it should allow a third party to understand how and when the sale occurred. Both parties must sign to note their approval of the information written therein.

The buyer should not purchase the trailer unless they receive the appropriate documents from the seller. Per state law, the new owner must possess at least one (1) required form to transfer the title. Documents cannot have changes, white-out, tape, or any other erasures as the state will not accept them.

Minnesota accepts bill of sales with the car’s year, make, vehicle identification number (VIN), purchase date, and the buyer’s and seller’s printed name and signatures. Individuals can also submit an application (Form PS2000) or provide the registration card with the seller’s signature and the buyer’s completed information.

How to Register a Trailer (3 Steps)

Buyers and sellers have ten (10) days after the sale to transfer ownership via the title. They can complete this task at a deputy registrar’s office, which they can locate at dvs.dps.mn.gov or by calling (651) 297-2005.

All trailers in Minnesota require registration; however, it only needs a title if it reaches a specified weight limit. Individuals must have their trailer weighed at a certified inspection station unless the title, weight slip, or another official document with its gross weight exists.

Step 1 – Title

Minnesota trailer titles transfer ownership, verify both parties’ information and identify the property. Trailers weighing 4,000 pounds or less do not need a title, whereas utility, boat, and snowmobile trailers weighing 4,500 pounds or more need documentation. If a lien exists, the owner must have a title, regardless of the trailer’s weight. Permanently registered trailers still require a transfer on the title.

When applying for a new, in-state title, the owner could submit the registration as proof of ownership if the trailer never had a title. However, Minnesota does not accept foreign registrations, even if the property came from a non-title state.

Step 2 – Registration

Trailer owners in Minnesota can apply for a yearly registration, which they must renew by the annual expiration date. They can also apply for permanent registration if the private unit weighs 3,000 pounds or less gross weight. Commercially used trailers do not qualify for this type of registration.

During the appointment, the buyer must provide the required forms and payment. Upon receiving documentation, they must adhere the state-provided sticker to the tongue of the car.

Bring the Following:

Step 3 – Renew

Residents only have to reapply if they have a registration that expires yearly. However, they do not need to undergo renewal if they have a permanent registration.

The owner can renew their registration online, by mail, or in person.

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