Missouri Bill of Sale Forms (5)


A Missouri bill of sale form simplifies transferring ownership of various items. It documents the transfer of ownership for property, such as motor vehicles, boats, firearms, or other valuable possessions. Upon signing this document, the original owner relinquishes control and responsibility for the item, and any subsequent concerns fall under the buyer’s purview.

The document outlines crucial details, including the item’s description, the sale price, and both parties’ contact information. By signing the form, the original owner cedes custody and responsibility, while the buyer assumes all future obligations related to the item. Retaining a copy of the completed bill of sale form ensures a clear and accessible transaction record for both parties involved.


  • Residents must use the state bill of sale form for boat and car sales.
  • Vessel and car transactions might need notarization depending on county law.
  • Owners must protect themselves and others by only selling guns to authorized citizens.

Types (5)

Boat Bill of SaleCompleted when someone (the owner) sells their boat or another water vessel to someone else (the buyer).

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Firearm Bill of SaleRecords a gun’s transfer of ownership from one person to another.

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General Bill of SaleProvides proof that an item was rightfully sold or gifted to a buyer.

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Motor Vehicle Bill of SaleUsed when the seller transfers the car’s title and registration to a buyer.

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Trailer Bill of Sale – A form utilized when a person purchases a freight trailer from another person.

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Signing Requirements

Bill of Sale TypeBuyer SignatureSeller SignatureNotarization
FirearmRequiredRequiredNot required
General (others)RequiredRequiredNot required
Motor VehicleRequiredRequiredSometimes
TrailerRequiredRequiredNot required

What is a Missouri Bill of Sale?

A Missouri bill of sale signifies the buyer’s acquisition of a commodity or personal property. The seller must establish a fair price and terms with the buyer, and both parties must sign the bill of sale to confirm their agreement.

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) provides a state motor vehicle bill of sale form, which residents must use. Notarization of this form is necessary if requested by an authorized individual or when registering a homebuilt vehicle.

Although other bill of sale forms do not require notarization, it enhances the document’s credibility by serving as an additional layer of verification for the property exchange. Court judges, state officials, and other third parties are likelier to trust notarized forms as they bear a notary stamp, seal, or signature.

Registration Forms: Boats

Make an appointment with a Missouri DOR Office by searching for a nearby location.

  • Bill of Sale (Form 1957) – A form accompanying other paperwork when buying or selling a vessel.
  • Application (Form 93) – This document allows a boat owner to apply for registration.
  • Tax Receipt – Residents must pay taxes on their personal property, including vessels. They must keep a copy of the receipt to prove they have paid. Individuals who did not have to pay Missouri property taxes must complete a statement of non-assessment.
  • Payment – The owner must pay processing fees and registration costs, which depend on the boat’s length.

Registration Forms: Firearms

Citizens residing in Missouri do not need to register their guns or have a permit to carry and buy. If the sale occurs privately, the seller does not have to conduct a background check on the buyer. However, the merchant must ensure the purchaser is mentally stable and does not have a criminal record. To extend the number of places an owner can carry, they can apply for a standard, extended, or lifetime permit through their closest sheriff’s office.

Registration Forms: Vehicles

Use the Missouri DOR location map to find a local Motor Vehicle and Driver’s License office.

  • Bill of Sale (Form 1957) – Serves as a record keeper for a vehicle transaction between two (2) parties.
  • Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108) – The owner must complete and sign this form to receive a car, truck, or van registration.
  • Odometer Statement of Explanation (Form 1545) – This form contains information about the odometer reading and its validity.
  • Payment – Fees depend on the length of the registration and the vehicle’s taxable horsepower.
  • Minimum Liability Insurance Policy –
    • Bodily Injury (per person, per accident): $25,000
    • Bodily Injury (multiple people, per accident): $50,000
    • Property Damage (per incident): $25,000
  • Title Certificate – A document containing information about the vehicle and its ownership. Owners who do not have the form must apply for a duplicate title.
  • Photo Identification (ID) – The owner can provide a valid Missouri driver’s license, Passport, or ID card from the state, government, or employer.

Additional (Optional) Documents

Registration Forms: Trailers

Bring the trailer forms and fees to a DOR office for registration and titling.

  • Bill of Sale – Before transferring the trailer, a buyer and seller complete this document to formalize the deal’s specifics.
  • Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108) – The state provides this template for residents to register and title their trailer.
  • Paid Personal Property Tax Receipt – This statement is formal documentation that the trailer owner paid their taxes. If the individual does not owe taxes, they must provide a statement of non-assessment, which exempts them from fees. The state offers a calculator for residents to estimate the cost.
  • Payment – Application fees depend on the length of registration.
  • Identification (ID) – A form that verifies the applicant’s information to confirm they are not fraudulent.

Additional (Optional) Documents

  • Application for Vehicle/Trailer Identification Number Plate for Verification (Form 5062) – An applicant uses this form to obtain a number for their trailer and can only get it from the inspection office.
  • Certificate of Title – If purchased used, the resident utilizes the title to authenticate their ownership.
  • Inspection – Homemade trailers must undergo inspection, and the owner must pay all associated fees (i.e., inspection, title application, and identification number plate).
  • Lien Release (Form 4809) – The lienholder completes and signs this document to confirm the owner paid off the trailer loan.
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) – A trailer owner can use this form to prove their ownership of a new trailer.