Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

Use a Mobile Home Bill of Sale document when selling a pre-built structure. Similar to travel trailers, mobile homes can be moved from one location to another. However, they differ as relocating them is more expensive and strenuous. Due to this barrier, it is more common to sell or trade this type of home rather than move it.

While a bill of sale is one of the many documents necessary during the transaction, it is arguably the most important as it proves that the buyer legally owns the property. The document also outlines all details, including how and when the home was sold, as well as its condition at the time of the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Sell a Mobile Home?

Each process varies when selling a mobile home. It looks especially different if the home sits on a plot of land belonging to the homeowner versus someone else. No matter the situation, it can help to contact a local real estate agent to learn more about available options.

Aside from contacting an agent, take steps to clean the property and set a reasonable asking price prior to listing. Inspections can impact the value, as well, so fixing it up beforehand can help to increase the value.

Consider the current status of the home, as well. Selling a mobile home with a mortgage means that you will not be able to pocket the money until the loan is paid off. It may be helpful to connect with a nearby agency to discuss the details of the sale under these circumstances.

What is the Best Way to Advertise?

While agents typically make the selling process easier and faster, mobile homeowners may seek alternatives. When taking the solo route, there are a few steps that can assist in the process. Below lists four (4) ways to notify others that a mobile home is on the market.

  • Local: Smaller towns and suburbs often have their own newspaper service with property listings. Placing an ad in that section may attract interest. Public boards at restaurants, campgrounds, and grocery stores can also be great places to promote the home.
  • Internet: Many online resources help sellers market their items. Craiglist, MHVillage, and MobileHomeSell are a few examples that can aid in the process.
  • Visual: Bring in buyers by making clean, easy-to-read yard signs. Telephone poles flyers may also lead drivers to the location.
  • Social: Share the listing details with others and encourage them to tell their friends and family. Social media can be a great place to spread the word, as well.

Can a Relate Estate Agent Sell a Mobile Home?

Real estate agents can sell a manufactured home. In fact, many companies have a special team for this type of sale. However, in order to hire an agent, the home must be on land that belongs to the owner. If the land belongs to someone else, then the sale would need to occur through the seller as if they were selling a personal item, like a car or boat.

How Much are Mobile Homes Worth?

While new mobile homes can go for about $74,000 used ones tend to sell for much less. Like personal property, a mobile home’s value decreases after purchasing. Well-maintained and cleaned homes tend to sell for more than their counterpart. Additionally, the type of mobile home impacts the cost. Single-wides (10-16 ft) have the least value, whereas triple-wides (50 ft) are the most valuable. Aside from the size, the quality and age of the home tend to be the two biggest factors when calculating its worth. Online and in-person appraisal tools provide the best estimates when deciding the asking price of a manufactured home.