Mississippi Firearm Bill of Sale Form


A Mississippi firearm bill of sale form establishes a permanent transaction record between two (2) or more individuals. It notes personal information about both parties and includes the gun’s make, model, type, caliber, gauge, and serial number. Collectively, these details allow people and businesses to contact the buyer(s), the seller(s), and the firearm they transferred. The form must also include the mode of exchange (i.e., payment, trade, or gift) and the payment type.

What is a Mississippi Gun Bill of Sale?

A Mississippi gun bill of sale provides buyers and sellers with a formal document outlining the transaction details. Either person or a third party should understand precisely how the transfer occurred when reviewing it. Unlike other bill of sale forms, this template contains disclosure statements. Both parties must agree to these terms to acquire or sell a gun. The signatures of the buyer and seller imply they are in good standing with the law and can legally possess firearms.

How to Apply for a Firearm Permit

In Mississippi, residents twenty-one (21) years or older (or eighteen (18) years or older if associated with the military) do not need a license to concealed carry within state borders. Individuals eighteen (18) years or older can also open carry without a permit.

Nonetheless, having a license allows gun owners to carry in restricted areas. For example, permit holders can have firearms in or near schools, bars, churches, government meetings, and places where polling happens.

Step 1 – Qualifiers

Before applying, individuals must ensure they fit the criteria for a concealed carry firearm permit. The interested person must be twenty-one (21) years old and live in Mississippi full-time. Adults eighteen (18) years of age or older can qualify if they currently or previously served in the United States Armed Forces.

The state also considers spouses of active military personnel living in Mississippi, retired law enforcement with an out-of-state address, individuals with a gun permit from another state, and federally recognized Indian tribe members.

Residents applying for a permit must familiarize themselves with MS Code § 45-9-101. By completing and signing the application, the person agrees that they understand gun usage, storage, and possession laws. They cannot have a record of felonies, crimes, or mental health issues that disrupt their ability to shoot and store a weapon. Furthermore, they must not have a history of addiction, domestic abuse, or admissions to treatment facilities or mental hospitals.

Step 2 – Training Course

Candidates must pass a certified eight (8)-hour training course if they want to apply for the “Enhanced Carry Endorsement,” which allows them to carry in otherwise prohibited areas (§ 97-37-7). An approved instructor must teach the course and provide a record at the end of the education. The person applying for the permit must present a copy of the document to the registering office for approval.

Step 3 – Application Submission

First-time applicants must attend an appointment at a specified location to submit their paperwork and fees. Individuals must print and complete the online version of the application before the selected day. The document requires signatures from the appropriate parties and notarization.

The application contains five (5) sections with an attached affidavit and release of information. On the first page, the person applying for the permit must provide their personal details, such as their full name, address, height, weight, and other identifiers. Next, they must check “Yes” or “No” beside each qualifying question in Part B, special designation in Part C, and enhanced carry option in Part D. The last section of the form requires the applicant to chronologically list their residences in the past two (2) years.

After the interested party completes page one (1) of the application, they must move on to page two (2). This part of the application must contain the applicant’s name and signature, which binds them to the listed terms. By signing, they confirm that they can legally own a firearm and have read the conditions for possessing the weapon. They also agree that they have provided truthful information and understand that false answers could lead to their arrest.

The firearm owner must also include a recent (i.e., thirty (30) days or less) headshot of themselves with the application. In addition, they have to provide a Mississippi driver’s license or state identification (ID) card. The state also requires one of the following: 1) social security card, 2) birth certificate, 3) marriage license, 4) divorce decree, 5) military discharge (DD214), 6) military ID card, 7) passport, 8) W-2 form, or 9) current firearm permit.

Step 4 – Processing

Once the candidate submits the application and other required paperwork, they must wait to receive a response from the licensing office. Per local law, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) must respond within forty-five (45) days of the submission.

Approved applicants can use the permit as soon as they receive it by mail. Denied individuals must receive the reason for the rejection and determine if they want to dispute it. Often, they need to provide additional information. However, in some cases, their background prohibits them from obtaining a license indefinitely.

Step 5 – Renewal

Mississippi firearm permits last for five years. Unlike new applicants, licensees can renew their information by mail. In other words, they do not need to visit a physical location.

Permit holders must renew on time or pay a $15 late fee. Furthermore, they must apply as a new applicant if they fail to submit their paperwork within six (6) months after the expiration date. The individual must also pay the “new applicant” fees if this situation occurs. The state only accepts mail payment through personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders. Applicants may not submit cash unless they physically visit an office.

Along with the signed and notarized application, the licensee must submit a recent photograph and have their fingerprints taken by the law enforcement agency on a standard F-258 FBI card. They must fill out the card but cannot fold it as the state does not accept it in this condition.

Renewal Address:

Firearm Permit Division

P.O. Box 958

Jackson, MS 39205

Offices: By Troop

Headquarters(601) 487-7032

1900 East Woodrow Wilson

Jackson, MS 39205

Troop C(601) 420-6342

3851 Highway 468

Pearl, MS 39208

Troop D(662) 453-4515

1301 Cypress Avenue

Greenwood, MS 38930

Troop E(662) 563-6400

22000 A Highway 35 North

Batesville, MS 38606

Troop F(662) 534-8619

1103 Bratton Road

New Albany, MS 38652

Troop G(662) 323-5316

987 Highway 182 East

Starkville, MS 39759

Troop H(601) 693-1926

910 Highway 11/80 East

Meridian, MS 39301

Troop J(601) 582-4744

36 J.M. Tatum Industrial Drive

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Troop K(228) 396-7400

16741 Highway 67 South

Biloxi, MS 39532

Troop M(601) 833-0808

160 Highway 84 East

Brookhaven, MS 39601