Montana General Bill of Sale Form


A Montana general bill of sale form stores information about transactions between buyers and sellers. It reveals the personal details of both parties along with a description of the transferred item. Either person can use the document to verify their ownership status and the exchange of funds. If the owner traded or gifted the object to the buyer, the bill of sale also contains data relating to the handover.

Signing Requirements: The previous owner (seller) and new owner (buyer) must provide their signatures for authorization.

What is a Montana General Bill of Sale?

A Montana general bill of sale covers personal property purchases between two (2) parties. The document provides official confirmation of the deal and implies that the buyer and seller agreed to the terms therein. In most cases, the item does not require state or government intervention (i.e., registering, titling, etc.). However, if it does, the new owner must bring the signed bill of sale form to their local office.

Do I Have to Complete a Montana Bill of Sale?

Buyers and sellers do not need to complete a Montana bill of sale for any purchase. However, the state suggests that previous and current owners hold onto a copy of the form for record-keeping purposes. Individuals can also use a bill of sale when requesting a duplicate car title, making it an important document to complete and store in this case.

Does My Form Require Notarization?

Montana boat and motor vehicle bill of sale forms require notarization. The buyer(s) and the seller(s) should complete the document except for the signature section. Next, they must bring the bill of sale to a notary public, who witnesses the signing and provides their credentials. Notarization gives the document a credibility boost as it proves both parties legally signed it.