Nebraska Trailer Bill of Sale Form


A Nebraska trailer bill of sale form secures the transfer of personal property between two (2) parties. Residents generally use the document for utility and farm trailers, although it is sufficient for commercial trailer purchases. To authenticate it, buyers and sellers must enter their contact details, the date of the sale, the trailer information, the payment amount, and their signatures. Otherwise, the form does not have legal power as it is considered incomplete.

What is a Nebraska Trailer Bill of Sale?

A Nebraska trailer bill of sale officially changes possession of utility, farm, and other personal tow-behinds. Since Nebraska does not require trailers under 9,000 pounds to have a title, the bill of sale becomes essential in proving ownership. If the bill of sale is not present, the owner must have the previous title or manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO).

The document requires pertinent information about the deal, such as the purchase price, sale date, and names of the buyer and seller. Both parties verify their agreement to the written data and exchange by entering their signatures. Otherwise, the form is invalid, and neither person can use it for legal purposes.

How to Register a Trailer (3 Steps)

Trailer registrations in Nebraska must happen within thirty (30) days of purchasing (§ 60-365). Upon approval, it receives a registration number under the owner’s name. Individuals cannot tow trailers or keep them in public locations without an up-to-date tag. County treasurer offices handle registration and titling.

As of January 8, 2019, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires every utility and farm trailer to have a vehicle identification number (VIN). The owner must present the VIN during registration and renewal.

Step 1 – Title

Utility trailers weighing less than 9,000 pounds do not need a title. However, if the equipment requires a title, it must happen within thirty (30) days of the purchase.

To apply for a title, the owner must submit a completed and signed title application, proof of ownership (i.e., MSO or title), and a $10 fee to their nearest county treasurer.

Step 2 – Register

First-time registrations occur in person or by mail within thirty (30) days of buying the trailer. The owner must provide their county treasurer with evidence of their insurance plan, proof of paid sales or excise tax, and a copy of the signed leased agreement (leased vehicles only).

Bring the Following:

Step 3 – Renew

Renewals can happen online, by mail, or at a county treasurer’s office. When mailing or renewing in person, the owner must have their expiring registration form and proof of insurance.

Trailer tags last one (1) year, with the expiration date depending on the trailer’s purchase month. Owners should reference their current registration to discover when and how to renew.