New Jersey Firearm Bill of Sale Form


A New Jersey firearm bill of sale form represents an agreement between a buyer and a seller. It provides both parties with a reference sheet of how and when the transfer occurred. The document must have information about the weapon to identify it. Buyers and sellers must also disclose their identities by entering their legal name, home location, phone number, and email address. The bill of sale also allows the individuals to write down additional details or terms that apply to the transaction.

What is a New Jersey Gun Bill of Sale?

A New Jersey gun bill of sale verifies that two (2) lawful citizens engaged in a firearm transaction. Each party makes a legal declaration of their ability to possess, sell, or buy weapons in the state upon signing. The specific terms exist under the “Seller’s Disclosure” and “Buyer’s Disclosure” sections. Neither person can carry out the deal if they cannot confirm each statement. If they continue with the transfer, regardless, then law enforcement can arrest, fine, or otherwise penalize anyone involved in the sale.

How to Obtain ID and Permit

Residents must have a Firearms Purchaser Identification (ID) Card and Handgun Purchase Permit to buy their first gun. Once they receive their identification card, they must acquire a permit for each subsequent weapon purchase. Individuals who obtain ID cards after October 25, 2022, must renew them every ten (10) years.

Candidates use the same application (Form S.T.S. 033) for the card and permit. They must follow the state’s listed instructions when carrying out the process. Per local law, individuals must also complete a Consent for Mental Health Records Search (Form S.P. 66) and provide references that are not relatives.

After the applicant submits the required forms and payment, they must have their fingerprints taken. The Police Department provides them with an appointment form to bring to an IdentoGO office within ninety (90) days.

New Jersey Police Departments do not accept incomplete or incorrectly filled-out applications. Furthermore, providing false information can result in third-degree criminal charges.

How to Apply for a Permit to Carry a Handgun

New Jersey residents are not authorized to carry firearms unless they hold a permit. The state decides whether the individual receives a weapon based on their reasoning in the application. If approved, renewals must occur to continue possessing the gun(s).

Step 1 – Requirements

Potential applicants must consider their eligibility for a permit to carry a handgun. Per state jurisdiction, they must be twenty-one (21) years old and in good moral standing with the law. They must also understand how to use a gun safely and meet the federal requirements for possessing weapons. In other words, the individual cannot have criminal charges, mental health conditions, or domestic abuse concerns.

Step 2 – Qualification Course

Individuals interested in applying for a permit to carry must complete a firearms safety course. The education includes classroom instruction and live firing. If they receive a passing grade, the student receives a certification from the certified teacher. Applicants must bring the letter to their local police station along with the other required materials.

Step 3 – Application

Applicants must follow a standard protocol to obtain a handgun permit. They must apply at a municipal police department nearest their home location. Before submitting the forms and payment, the individual must ensure they have the correct information available, or the officers can turn them away.

Residents must present the officer with their Firearms ID Card and proof of handgun possession (i.e., a purchase receipt, permit to purchase, or a notarized letter of ownership with the gun’s make, model, and serial number).

In addition, they must bring three (3) completed, notarized copies of the Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun (Form S.P. 642). Applicants must select references they have known for at least three (3) years; however, the person cannot be a relative.

Candidates must also provide four (4) passport-sized photographs, a completed Consent for Mental Health Search (Form SP-66), and a $20 payment made out to the “Treasurer – State of New Jersey.” Along with this information, they must submit a notarized statement that includes a justifiable reason for needing a handgun and a handgun safety certification from an authorized firearms instructor.

Once the individual submits the paperwork, the officer gives them a fingerprinting application and personalized identification number. The applicant has ninety (90) days to make an appointment with IdentoGO, which provides the state with certified fingerprints.

Step 4 – Processing

The department has sixty (60) days following submission to review and accept or deny the applicant. If permitted, the individual must bring the information to their county’s Superior Court. During this time, the judge must approve the application. If they do not, the resident cannot open or concealed carry. However, they may be eligible to file an appeal.

Step 5 – Renewal

New Jersey carry permits last for two (2) years. They must carry out the same process for the initial application during each renewal period. This requirement includes the completion of a firearms training course and the submission of a notarized application with three (3) references (Form S.P. 642), a Consent for Mental Health Search document (Form SP-66), four (4) passport-style photos, and fingerprints.