Oklahoma Boat Bill of Sale Form


An Oklahoma boat bill of sale form is vital for securing and legally transferring watercraft ownership. This document benefits buyers and sellers, offering proof of transaction and safeguarding their interests. Including essential details such as boat description, purchase price, and buyer/seller information, these forms facilitate a seamless transfer process. Moreover, the form aids vessel registration, insurance acquisition (if desired), and meeting state tax obligations. Overall, a notarized bill of sale further strengthens the transaction’s validity and helps avoid potential disputes.

  • Statutes: Chapter 22
  • Signing Requirements: The buyer and the seller must sign.

What is an Oklahoma Vessel Bill of Sale?

An Oklahoma vessel bill of sale is a valuable record for both parties involved in a watercraft transaction. This legal document confirms the sale and helps establish a transparent chain of ownership. When completed accurately, it can ensure understanding regarding the boat’s history and the terms of the sale. Additionally, retaining a copy of the signed and notarized form is recommended for personal records and any future legal requirements related to the vessel.

Did You Know?

In Oklahoma, individuals born on or after January 1, 1986, must obtain a boating education certificate to operate a motorized watercraft. Children under twelve (12) cannot drive a watercraft with more than ten (10) horsepower. However, they can do so if supervised by an adult at least eighteen (18) years old with a boating education certificate.

Also known as a boating license, residents can acquire boating education certificates by completing a safety course. They can take the class online or in person in multiple locations in the state. The education covers topics like navigation, boat handling, and safety procedures. 

The Oklahoma boating education certificate is valid for life. Owners must carry it on them at all times while operating the vessel. Non-residents who hold a license from another state can also use the boat in Oklahoma. However, the permit must meet the standards of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. 

How to Register a Boat in Oklahoma (4 Steps)

Per state law, when a resident acquires a new or used boat, they must register it with the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC). The boat registration identifies the vessel in the event of damage, accidents, theft, emergency, and other relevant matters. Oklahoma requires it for most types of watercraft, including motorized and sail-powered boats. Residents must register newly purchased or acquired boats within thirty (30) days of the acquisition date.

Before the transfer occurs, the seller must complete a notarized bill of sale, which includes the hull identification number (HIN), make, year, registration number (if previously registered), and selling price, and provide it to the buyer. This essential document serves as proof of ownership transfer, requiring the new owner to submit it during registration.

Step 1 – Exemptions

In Oklahoma, the following boats are exempt from the registration requirements:

  1. Boats powered by paddles, oars, or similar means and are not fitted with any type of mechanical propulsion system.
  2. Vessels from other states or countries using Oklahoma waters for less than sixty (60) consecutive days.
  3. Boats owned by an entity of the U.S. government.
  4. Watercraft documented with the U.S. Coast Guard.
  5. Lifeboats, provided they only serve the purpose of life-saving.

Step 2 – Registration

To register a boat in Oklahoma, the new owner must fill out an application for boat title and registration (Form BM-26), available at the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) or downloadable online. They must also complete a Boat or Outboard Motor Serial Number Confirmation (Form BM-10).

Along with the application, the state requires ownership documentation, which must include the hull identification number (HIN), make, year, registration number (if previously registered), and selling price of the boat. Documents can include a notarized manufacturer’s statement of origin (for new vessels), a title, or a notarized owner statement. If it comes from out of state, the new owner can provide the previous title, registration, or bill of sale if the state does not title or register vessels.

Once the owner prepares the document, they must submit it in person to any OTC branch. The registration is valid for three (3) years, after which it needs renewal.

Step 3 – Numbers + Decal

In Oklahoma, properly affixing the registration number and decal to a boat involves a few essential steps.

Firstly, the owner must ensure that the registration number appears on both sides of the boat’s bow (i.e., the forward part of the vessel). The numbers should be in block letters, at least three (3) inches high, and contrast with the boat’s color for easy visibility. They should read from left to right and precede by the letters “OK” (for Oklahoma), followed by a hyphen. For example, it might look like: “OK-1234 AB”.

Furthermore, the individual must display the decal within six (6) inches of, and in line with, the registration numbers. Each step helps ensure the boat is identifiable while on Oklahoma waters.

Step 4 – Renew

Boat registrations last for three (3) years in Oklahoma. As the expiration date approaches, boat owners should promptly renew their registrations.

The renewal process can be conducted online through the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) website or in person at an OTC office. If carrying out the process online, the boat owner must provide the boat’s registration number and pay the necessary renewal fees.

Once the renewal is processed, the owner receives a new decal to affix to the vessel, indicating the new validity period. This timely renewal ensures the boat remains legally compliant for operation in state waterways.