Oklahoma Trailer Bill of Sale Form


An Oklahoma trailer bill of sale form acknowledges and certifies the sale and purchase of a trailer in the state. The document provides evidence of the change in ownership and the transaction details. Residents and non-residents should complete the bill of sale to create a permanent record when engaging in a deal. Finalizing this paperwork verifies the purchase and protects each person’s liabilities in the transfer.

  • Statutes: 47 § 1133.3
  • Signing Requirements: Both parties must sign.

What is an Oklahoma Trailer Bill of Sale?

An Oklahoma trailer bill of sale includes information about the buyer and the seller and detailed descriptions of the trailer. It covers the make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and other relevant details. The state often requires the document for processes like registration, title transfer, and determining sales tax. Furthermore, having a bill of sale can help resolve disputes or discrepancies about ownership or sale terms. Overall, it ensures a smooth, transparent, and lawful transaction.

How to Register a Trailer (2 Steps)

Per Oklahoma law, owners of private and farm trailers do not have to obtain a registration or a title. However, residents can register their trailers by paying the fees and submitting the required documents. Acquiring tags provides further protection and state-official proof of ownership. Trailer registration in Oklahoma lasts one (1) year, with renewal required annually.

Step 1 – Registration

Owners must visit a local licensed operator location or service Oklahoma station to register their trailers. If they cannot visit in person, they can also submit the information by mail for an additional $5 fee. When applying, they must provide the following information:

  • Application for Private or Farm Trailer Registration (Form 754-3);
  • License Plate and Decal Fee: $12 (or $17 if mailed);
  • Owner Information (i.e., name and address);
  • Trailer Information (i.e., serial number, model year, make, model, ownership date, seller name);
  • Proof of Purchase (i.e., photocopy of the bill of sale, invoice, canceled check, or other relevant form); and
  • Owner Signature (notarized).

Following registration, the owner receives a trailer license plate, which they must attach to the unit.

Step 2 – Renew

Owners registering their trailers must renew every year to keep their tags up-to-date. Individuals must follow the state’s renewal instructions, which generally include sending a renewal application and payment. Unless the owner has license plates that do not expire, they must replace the registration sticker during each renewal period.

Mailing Address:
Service Oklahoma
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