Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Form


An Oregon boat bill of sale form records the transaction of a vessel from a seller to a buyer within the state. The primary purpose of this document is to provide evidence of the change in ownership, the agreed price, and the transaction date. It also allows the new owner to obtain a registration and carry out a successful title transfer. Residents decide to complete this form for reasons including proof of purchase and liability protection.

  • Statutes: Chapter 830
  • Signing Requirements: All owners (and co-owners) must sign.

What is an Oregon Vessel Bill of Sale?

An Oregon vessel bill of sale contains details about the boat and the transaction to ensure transparency and accuracy. These elements include the ship’s make, model, year, and hull identification number (HIN). Information about the motor, if applicable, is also included, such as the make, model, and horsepower.

The bill of sale also lists the buyer’s and seller’s full names and contact information, the transfer date, and the total amount paid for the boat. Additionally, the form contains a space for both parties’ signatures, as it is only considered legit with this verification. The signatures affirm that the seller has the right to sell the boat and that the buyer acknowledges the purchase.

Did You Know?

Boating license laws ensure water safety and proper boat handling. Residents over twelve (12) must have an Oregon boater education card to operate a vessel with more than ten (10) horsepower.

Individuals can obtain this card by passing an approved boater education course, which they can take online, in a classroom setting, or via a home-study class. After successfully finishing the class, they can apply for the card through the Oregon State Marine Board.

The card does not expire, meaning it has lifelong validity. Violating these laws can lead to fines, thus emphasizing the importance of having a boating license for legal compliance and safe operation on the water.

How to Register a Boat in Oregon (5 Steps)

Anyone who becomes a boat owner must navigate the process of obtaining a title and registration through the Oregon State Marine Board. They must complete this process within thirty (30) days of acquiring the vessel. To register, the owner must provide proof of ownership, complete an application form, and pay the required fees, which vary based on the length and type of the boat. All motorized boats, sailboats twelve (12) feet and longer, and all vessels used on federally controlled waters in Oregon need a title and registration.

Step 1 – Exemptions

Certain types of boats are exempt from the title and registration requirements in Oregon. These exceptions generally include:

  1. Sailboats that are less than 12 feet in length.
  2. Manually powered boats, such as canoes, kayaks, and rowboats.
  3. Vessels registered in another state used in Oregon for less than sixty (60) consecutive days.
  4. Boats owned by the U.S. government.
  5. Ship lifeboats that are used only for life-saving purposes.
  6. Boats from foreign countries that are temporarily residing in the waters of Oregon.

However, while these boats might be exempt from title and registration, they might still have other requirements and regulations they need to follow under state law.

Step 2 – Inspection

In Oregon, certain boats need an inspection from an officer specializing in boat law. This process must happen before registration and titling can occur.

The vessel needs an inspection if it:

  • Is homemade;
  • Has never been titled or registered;
  • Comes from a state that does not issue titles;
  • Has an incorrect HIN.

However, some boats may be exempt from this requirement. It does not need an assessment if it is brand new and comes with a manufacturer’s note. Furthermore, the vessel does not require an inspection if the owner can prove the boat has a valid title from another state with a correct HIN.

Once the officer completes the inspection and finds no issues, they will issue a “HIN Inspection Certificate.” The boat owner must send this paperwork to the Marine Board to apply for registration and title.

Step 3 – Title & Registration

To complete the title and registration process for a boat in Oregon, the new boat owner must gather the necessary documents. The paperwork generally includes proof of ownership, such as a manufacturer’s statement of origin for a new boat, or the title or bill of sale for a used boat.

Next, the individual must complete an Application for Boat Title and/or Registration. This process occurs online and requires the owner to pay the necessary fees at completion. The payment depends on the boat’s length and type. Furthermore, the owner must have the following information: the boat’s size, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use, and model year.

After completing the online application, the resident must mail the required ownership documents and payment receipt to the Oregon State Marine Board. Once the facility processes and approves the information, the owner receives the boat’s title and registration by mail. 

Step 4 – Number & Decals

The Oregon State Marine Board provides owners with a boat number, registration card, and two (2) decals by mail. Registration numbers remain with the vessel for its lifetime, even if it sells. They must apply this information to the boat following the specified guidelines.

They must paint or permanently affix the registration number to both sides of the boat’s bow (the front part of the boat) in block letters that are at least three (3) inches high. The letters and numbers must stand out from the color of the boat’s hull to ensure visibility.

Owners must also place the decals at least three (3) inches aft (toward the rear) and in line with the registration number. When the registration expires every two (2) years, individuals must replace the old decals as soon as they receive the new ones.

Step 5 – Renew

Boat registrations are valid for two (2) years in Oregon and typically expire on December 31st of the second year. The owner receives a renewal notice from the Oregon State Marine Board around sixty (60) days before the expiration date.

Owners must follow the instructions in the notice to carry out the renewal. In most cases, residents use the online portal to provide the information and make the payment. They receive the new registration decals by mail, which they must affix to the boat.

Furthermore, the owner must notify the Oregon State Marine Board if any changes in their address occur. Even if they do not receive a renewal notice by mail (due to an incorrect address or another circumstance), they must still renew their registration before it expires.

Mailing Address:
Oregon State Marine Board
435 Commercial St. NE.
Ste. 400
Salem, OR 97301