Credit Card Payment Invoice Template


credit card payment invoice is a billing form that permits payment to be made via a credit card. It can also be utilized by credit card completes for collecting payment from their cardholders. The invoice contains the space for the issuing company, the individual being billed, and the cardholder’s credit card details. It also includes the transaction history to notify the customer of what they owe and provide them with peace of mind knowing they’re not paying for any fraudulent charges.

The cardholder must submit minimum payment before the deadline set by the credit card company. If the invoice is late or unpaid, the company can send the bill to collections.

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How to Invoice Credit Card Holders

Merchants invoice cardholders each month for the total amount of money in the previous billing cycle. Companies can charge additional processing fees, as well. For example, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card providers may charge a small amount of money for each purchase. The company must include these transaction fees in the invoice and annual, monthly, or minimum charges (if applicable).

Credit card processing companies typically send monthly invoices requiring customers to pay their remaining balance by a specific date. The bill provides the customer with instructions on submitting their payment (i.e., online, mail, app, etc.). Customers enrolled in automated pay services often decline regular invoicing. However, other cardholders rely on the monthly statements to ensure that they pay on time. For this reason, it is essential that the credit card processor properly bills the client regularly.