Gym Membership Invoice Template


A Gym Membership Invoice is a document that is used to bill customers of a recreational facility. Fees are determined by the type of membership package. This is often set by the day, week, month, or year; however, each gym chooses its prices differently. Additional costs may be included for one-on-one classes, group sessions, or other trainer-led workouts. It is important for the gym and the customer to keep a copy as proof that the membership has been paid.

How Much is a Gym Membership?

The cost of a gym membership depends on the membership length, as well as the type of facility and its location. Private gyms are pricier since they are smaller and tailored to individual needs. On the other hand, a public gym charges less since they have a larger customer base.

The gym’s amenities and its membership benefits also impact the price. Examples of these variables are outlined below.

Gym AmenitiesMembership Benefits
Unique/Expensive EquipmentExclusive Member-Only Services
Smoothie Bar and/or Food ConcessionsPersonal Training
Childcare ServicesGroup Classes
Sauna, Tanning, and Spa/Massage ServicesFree Access to Amenities

Gym memberships are very valuable to customers as they have many advantages. One of the largest reasons people prefer to buy a gym membership is because they provide consistency. Many also prefer to separate exercise from their home life, or hit the gym during a workday. Therefore, the pros of having a gym membership typically outweigh the cost. Listed are the average prices for monthly and yearly gym memberships:

  • Monthly: $58
  • Yearly: $696