Daycare Invoice Template


daycare invoice is a form used when a company or individual provides long-term, daily childcare services. Its purpose is to maintain a record of when and how the child received care. In addition, it notifies the parent of what they owe for the service(s).

Daycare typically occurs outside of the home with other children who an adult supervises. A nanny or care provider can provide services at the child’s home, as well. Responsibilities usually involve feeding, playing, and nap time, although they could include giving medication, providing education, and more.

How to Invoice for Daycare Services

A caregiver invoices the parent or legal guardian to receive payment for daycare services. Caregivers establish an invoicing routine with the child’s parent(s) before the duties start so that both parties know when and how payment will occur. Billing for daycare services typically occurs weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Full-time, weekly child care costs approximately $9,991 per year. Workers usually receive their pay hourly. On average, they earn $9.38 per hour. However, the employer can also pay the employee a salaried wage. Self-employed caregivers may charge by the hour, weekly, or monthly. The type of care and the location of the services have the most significant impact on the rate.

The invoice must include the personal information of the company or caregiver, the parent (or legal guardian), and the child. It needs to state the exact dates, times, type of care, and special rates. Both parties should mark the invoice as paid once the payment has gone through.