Nurse Invoice Template


A nurse invoice is a form that is used by nurses to charge patients for health-related care. Private nurses or in-home care providers commonly complete this invoice for their services. Their patients typically cannot leave their homes due to old age, injury, chronic illness, or disability. Standard responsibilities include giving medication, tending to catheters and ostomy bags, tube feeding, and general check-ups. However, this list does not include all of the services as the care is tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

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How Do Nurses Invoice Patients?

Nurses invoice patients after rendering care. Services happen on a regular basis with invoicing occurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It is the responsibility of the nurse and patient to determine a payment routine that works the best for them.

The nurse must describe the services that they have provided in the invoice. Each fee associated with the service(s) must be included, as well. The patient owes the amount stated in the “Total” category. They must pay before the deadline set by the nurse.