Medical Invoice Template


A medical invoice is a post-treatment document issued to patients to collect payment for both the time spent caring for the patient as well as for any medications or medical products used to treat them. Issuing an official invoice not only increases the likelihood of being paid on time by the patient, but it decreases liability on the behalf of the medical practitioner, as it ensures all services and prescriptions are recorded appropriately. Additionally, serving an invoice allows end-of-year accounting to be conducted far more efficiently.

Types (4)

Ambulance Invoice

A form that is given to patients to collect payment for emergency transport services. Can be used for listing the type of life support provided (if any), the mileage (and cost per mile), and other transport-related costs.

Download: PDF, WORD, EXCEL


Doctor Invoice

A reusable template designed for doctors’ offices and physicians for informing their patients of all charge(s), the cost of each, and the total amount they need to pay.

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Nurse Invoice

Gives stay-home, private, freelance, CNAs, RAs, LPNs, and other types of nurses a way of collecting payment from those they treat, whether it is on. a one-time or regular basis.

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Psychologist Invoice

Provides psychologists with a way to charge clients for mental health-based therapy.

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