Proforma Invoice Template

The Proforma Invoice Template is a document issued to customers requesting payment for a product or service before the product is delivered, or the service rendered. It is popular in the realm of shipping, as it gives customers a chance to inspect the purchased item before paying for it in full. It can also be used a quote, giving the customer a sense of what a service would cost before being complete. However, because the proforma invoice is not the ‘official’ invoice, unlike the one sent once work is complete, the buyer should understand the proforma invoice is subject to change – as unexpected costs, events, or a longer-than-expected job can all increase the final invoice amount.

Benefits of sending a Proforma Invoice

  • Gives the seller and buyer a general idea of what the labor and products will cost
  • Doesn’t have to look perfect – is only a rough outline of what the buyer should expect
  • Fosters accountability and trust between both parties

How to Write in PDF and Word

Step 1 – Download

Download the Proforma Invoice in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 2 – Company Contact Information

Start by entering the Name of the company issuing the invoice in the upper-left corner. Then, enter the following regarding the company in the upper-right corner:

  • Company Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Address (Street, City, State, and ZIP Code)

Step 3 – Client Details

For the ‘Bill-to’ section, enter the Name of the individual or company being billed, their Invoice number, Customer ID (if applicable), Address, and the date that the invoice will be issued.

Step 4 – Products Sold

Next, in the first table, enter the Products the client is being charged for. In the PDF version, the amounts will calculate automatically. In the Word version, you will need to calculate each Amount field by hand. Once the first table has completed, repeat the process for any labor services being charged.

Step 5 – Labor Cost

For the Word version, multiply the Subtotal field by the Sales Tax field, and add the result to the Subtotal amount to find the invoice’s Total Amount. Enter this value into the TOTAL field. For the PDF version, to ensure the Total calculates correctly, enter the Sales Tax in decimal format.

Step 6 – Payment Info + Comments

At the bottom of the document, enter the Number of Days the client has to pay the invoice in full. Then, in the comments box, enter any Notes or info the seller has for the buyer. This can include a thank-you to the buyer or an address for them to send the invoice payment. The Proforma Invoice is now complete.

How to Write in Excel

Step 1 – Download the Invoice

Start by downloading the Proforma Invoice in Microsoft Excel.

Step 2 – Company Contact Details

Begin by entering the Name of the company directly below the main title. Then, enter the Contact Information of the company, including the company Phone, Website, Email, and Address.

Step 3 – Client Information

Next, enter the Contact Information of the individual or company being billed, which includes the following fields:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date Issued
  • Due Date
  • Client’s Email
  • Name
  • Address (Street, City, State, and Country)
  • Phone Number

Step 4 – Products & Labor Charges

In the ‘Products’ table, enter the Number of items being sold, a short Description of each, and the Cost of a single item. The Amount fields will automatically calculate. At the bottom of the table, enter the Estimated Cost of Shipping for the client. Below in the ‘Labor’ table, enter the Number of Hours applied to each service as well as the Cost per hour for each service. As above, the field on the far-right will calculate on its own.

Step 5 – Tax, Totals, and Days Until Due

At the bottom of the Labor Table, enter the state’s sales tax (as a percent) in the Sales Tax field. The TOTAL field will now display the full invoice amount. To the left of the TOTAL cell, enter how many Days the client has to pay the invoice in full.

Step 6 – Final Comments

In the ‘Comments or Special Instructions’ box, enter any miscellaneous Info for the client, such as payment instructions or amount corrections. The Proforma Invoice is now complete and can be printed or sent to the client digitally.