Storage Unit Invoice Template


storage unit invoice is a billing form sent to the renters of storage space to inform them that they have an upcoming payment (or payment is past-due). Unlike a receipt, which is sent after money is received, an invoice is issued before the company has received the monthly rent. The document will contain detailed information on who the customer is, the unit(s) they are currently renting, and a breakdown of the charges issued. The document can be edited easily should the storage company need to add or remove sections to fit their specific needs.

Download: PDF, WORD, EXCEL

Storage units come in standard sizes that are known throughout the industry.

  • The standard smallest unit is 5ft by 5ft and is the same size as a small walk-in closet. This is best for boxes, small chairs, or a lamp or two.
  • The standard medium size storage unit is 10ft by 10ft and is the same size as a small bedroom. This is good if you have a few items that won’t fit in a small apartment, but you don’t want to get rid of them.
  • The largest standard size is 10ft by 30ft and fits the equivalent of 2-3 bedrooms. This storage size will fit a wealth of furniture, a full-sized vehicle, some travel trailers, and certain boats.

Are Storage Units a Good Investment?

For those that have the time and money to manage one, storage units are a great investment. Storage units are a worthwhile investment due to having very low maintenance requirements. With brick walls and a concrete floor, upkeep is minimal. Unlike a restaurant (for example), there is no food to go bad, so overhead is low. Advanced facilities can operate without a manager on duty, so long the necessary security systems are in place.