Vacation Rental Invoice Template


vacation rental invoice is a single-page document that displays the amount of money a short-term renter owes to a landlord or property manager. It can be used to list up to seven (7) individual charges. It contains areas for the tenant and landlord’s contact information, the address of the rental, both the issue and due date of the invoice, and more.

Download: PDF, WORD, EXCEL

Are Vacation Rentals a Good Investment?

A vacation rental is a good investment for several reasons. Property tends to appreciate in value, and so buying a vacation home can help you long into the future. Investment properties also offer tax breaks. You should purchase a vacation rental in a place you would like to visit frequently, and then you have a safe, comfortable place to call your own. The familiarity of the place will make your trips enjoyable, and will also give your family and friends a place to enjoy.

A notable drawback is that homes require repairs, and if you are not in the vicinity to fix an issue you will need to hire someone to handle the issue and manage the project from afar. Another con of a vacation home is that there are risks and unexpected costs that go along with homeownership. Reserving approximately ten percent of your revenue to cover unexpected issues is recommended.

If you understand that you may have unexpected expenses and will have to manage things from afar, you can still reap the benefits of a rental property.