Cell Phone Repair Invoice Template


cell phone repair invoice is a form used by technicians to bill clients after servicing a personal handheld device. Repair requests include cracked screens, broken charging ports, tune-ups, virus removals, and more. While technicians often provide their services at set fees (such as $150 for a screen replacement), the invoice can also list charges on an hourly rate to accommodate any unique jobs. Standard costs for repairs range between $25 and $300, although they can be more or less depending on the work needed.

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How to Charge for Cell Phone Repair

Cell phone repair technicians charge clients based on the services needed and the type of phone. Privately-owned companies cost less than manufacturers. For instance, fixing a phone with Apple costs more than a local business (unless the phone owner purchased a warranty plan beforehand). Older cell phones cost much less to repair than newer versions, as well.

On average, repair companies (or freelancers) will charge the following for cell phone repairs:

  • Cracked screen repair: $100-300 
  • Water-damaged phone: $50-100
  • Battery replacement: $25-100
  • Charge port repair: $50-175
  • Broken power button: $60-150
  • Headphone port repair: $50-100