Repair Invoice Template


A repair invoice is a document that formally bills customers for the maintenance or repair work of an electronic device, vehicle, or any other type of personal property. It contains a description of the service or materials, the hourly rate, and the total amount owed. Before performing the services, companies or technicians typically provide the customer with a quote to ensure that both parties agree on pricing. Technicians can use this form to write the estimate and the final invoice. The technician and customer should mark the invoice as paid after the transaction occurs to confirm that it happened.

Types (11)


Automotive (Mechanic) Invoice

For listing the cost of all labor and/or parts that went into fixing a customer’s motor vehicle.

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Body Shop Invoice

A form that can be used by both body shop companies and freelance body shop specialists to bill customers for bodywork performed on a car, motorcycle, or another type of vehicle.

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Cell Phone Repair Invoice

Use for providing a breakdown of the labor and parts that went into repairing a phone. Compatible with any phone type, including iOS and Android.

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Electrician Invoice

Used by professional electricians to bill their clients, whether it is for work performed in the commercial, residential, automotive, or another industry.

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Handyman Invoice

A billing document published for anyone that performs work “around the house”, such as repairing faucets or windows, hanging lights, moving furniture, painting, and much more.

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HVAC Invoice – Lists any and all labor + material costs that went into the maintenance or repair of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

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Oil Change Invoice

A simple form for listing the time (labor) as well as the costs of the oil, filter, and any other required parts or products.

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Plumbing Invoice

Gives professional and part-time plumbers a means of getting paid for their work. Contains space for writing down any and all labor or product costs (e.g., fixtures, pipes, fittings, and so on).

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Property Maintenance Invoice

A document that can be used for billing the cost of labor and/or materials after performing work on single-family homes, rentals, and any other property type.

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Road Service Invoice

A specifically designed form for companies and workers that provide emergency roadside repair. Can be used for receiving payment for jumpstarts, battery replacements, fuel delivery, lockouts, and more.

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Welding Invoice

A post-job form used by welders to inform clients of the service(s) they performed, the cost of any materials used, and the total outstanding amount ($) that will need to be paid.

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How to Charge for Repair Work

Follow the tips below to charge customers for repair work of any type. 

1. Determine Repair Type

A technician typically assesses an item before repairing it. This step notifies the customer of what needs fixing and how much money it will cost. After the appraisal, the customer must approve the repairs. As soon as they sign or formally agree to the work, the technician can begin their duties. 

2. Gather Products or Materials

The technician or company must purchase all of the materials needed to perform the repairs. When buying the products, they need to record each item and its price in the invoice. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the parts at the end of the service.

3. Calculate Labor Cost

Repair companies typically charge by the hour for a standard fee. The type of service performed affects the hourly rate. Listed below are standard repair services and their hourly rate:

  • Car repair: $75 and $200 per hour
  • Electrical repair: $50 and $100 per hour
  • Handyman (building repair): $60 to $125 per hour