Alaska Rental Application


The Alaska Rental Application is a document used by landlords to collect information on potential tenants who have shown interest in renting a unit. Allowing the “wrong” tenant to live in a rental property can be an inconvenience at best, and a disaster at worst. The form, which conforms with all Alaska landlord-tenant laws, provides a legal solution to the tenant-selection process. Although just two (2) pages, the form contains comprehensive information that, along with background checks, provides more than enough information to make a sound decision on a tenant.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: None. The Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act does not contain any statutes that limit the amount of money a landlord can charge for filing a rental application.

Security Deposits (AS 34.03.070): In standard circumstances, landlords can charge up to two (2) months’ rent. In situations where the monthly rent is more than $2,000, the landlord can require the tenant to pay more than two (2) months as a security deposit.

Required Information

In order to complete the form in its entirety, the tenant applicants will need to enter the following information into the form:

  • Contact details (name(s), phone number(s), email, DOB, SSN, and driver’s license number)
  • Vehicle(s) Info
  • Additional Occupants (full name(s) and relationship(s))
  • Rental History
  • Employment History
  • Income Information
  • References & Emergency Contact(s)
  • Misc. Questions
  • Source (how the tenant learned of the rental)
  • Signature & Date

Google Drive

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