Alaska Roommate Agreement

The Alaska Roommate Agreement, also known as a “Housemate Contract,” is a document used to establish a set of rules and expectations regarding financial and non-financial matters regarding those living within the same rented property. The agreement does not include the landlord – as the document is completed in addition to the main lease. If an inter-roommate conflict is to occur that doesn’t relate to a condition signed within the original lease, the roommate agreement should contain steps or a course-of-action that the tenants should take to resolve their problem fairly. This is known as “Dispute Resolution” in the form.

To reiterate, the form does not set any legally binding principals and is mainly used to foster good relations between the roommates. A fairly common situation that is prevented with the form is when one roommate brings guests over late at night (without permission of the other tenants). By completing the roommate agreement upon first moving in, the tenants can establish a time in which no guests will be brought over, solving the problem before it could exist.

University Roommate Agreement

A University (College) roommate agreement is a form used to help students in college housing set boundaries and establish a set of informal dorm/apartment rules. As in many situations, it’s the student’s first time living alone – with strangers nonetheless.

Because each student’s needs may be different, the agreement outlines when those living in the room are expected to be quiet (to allow others to sleep/study), when cleaning is expected, guest policies, and other rules regarding the room.

University of Alaska Fairbanks Roommate Agreement – Adobe PDF (.pdf)