Alabama Roommate Agreement


An Alabama roommate agreement is a document used to outline specific rules and preferences roommates living within a shared rented property are required to follow. The document has no connection to the landlord of the property and is only enforceable by the tenants who signed the agreement. The entire document is not legally binding, although several sections within the form can be used in a court of law, such as those relating to rent payments or utility bills.

The form should be completed anytime a person is either:

  1. Introducing one (1) or more new roommate(s) into a rental
  2. Moving-in to a rental that will be shared with other tenants

College Roommate Contracts

For students living in dorms, university rentals, or nearby apartments, a university (dorm) roommate contract is a simple form that contains fields specifically designed for listing the rules that the individuals living in the room are expected to follow. All students living in the room should complete the agreement together to ensure they agree on the requirements listed within it. Conditions that are common to the agreement include quiet hours, guests, drinking/drugs, sharing, cleaning, and security.