Arkansas Sublease Agreement


The Arkansas Sublease Agreement is a document used by renters to re-lease a rental property until the end of the term. The contract involves recruiting a secondary tenant (known as the “sublessee”) to live in the rental so long they abide by the terms and conditions contained in the original lease. In Arkansas, it is legally required to have the landlord approve of the agreement – in some cases, the landlord will want to approve of the sublessor as well. This can be done via mail or by directly speaking with the landlord. If the landlord doesn’t respond to the sublease request within thirty (30) days, the tenant can go ahead with the sublease, as their silence can be assumed to infer permission.

Sublessor Screening: Arkansas Rental Application

Subleasing Allowed? Tenants can sublease their rental as long as they received clear permission from the landlord. In the state, landlords are responsible for determining the rent charged to the sublessee.