California Roommate Agreement


A California roommate agreement is a contract used to list the rules and responsibilities of roommates renting a property together. If not all of the roommates are on the lease, then the original tenant can hold them accountable for any damages that occur or rent payments that are not made on time. In the case that everyone is on the original lease, then this agreement is a friendly way of establishing boundaries for each person. This can include cleaning, guests, quiet hours, or any other concerns that may arise during the span of the lease. Roommates cannot evict one another; however, the tenant can be evicted if they are not on the lease and do not make their rent payment by the due date.

University Roommate Contract

Students who are studying at a California college or university may choose to use a roommate agreement if they are living with other peers. This can help to set guidelines and ease any tensions that may occur while living together. The document can also serve as a conversation starter about topics that need to be discussed prior to the move-in date.

Download: Adobe PDF