California Roommate Agreement

The California Roommate Agreement is a contract used to outline obligations that the roommates within a single rented property agreed to follow. In the case not all roommates are on the original lease, the roommate agreement gives the original tenant a means of holding the others to a legal promise that they won’t damage the property, leave rent unpaid, and commit other potentially costly acts. In the case all the tenants are, in fact, on the original lease, the form acts as more of a “friendly” agreement between the roommates; allowing for rules to be set in relation to cleaning, guests, quiet hours, and anything else they find necessary to set guidelines over. A tenant that is on the original lease with the landlord cannot be evicted by another roommate. However, tenants that are not on the lease written by the landlord and are paying a portion of the monthly rent to another roommate can be evicted if their portion of the rent goes unpaid.

University Roommate Contract

For those studying at one of the many colleges and universities in the state of California, a roommate agreement can be used to form a set of guidelines pertaining to a commonly shared living space. Even if the roommates were to never glance at the completed form again, by just going through the motions of completing the agreement conversations can be provoked, leading the roommates to learn more about their fellow students, and their preferences for living.

Download: Adobe PDF