Colorado Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

The Colorado Month-to-Month Lease Agreement is a short-term, automatically renewing lease signed between a landlord and tenant(s). The lease-type has no end date, but can be terminated by either the landlord or tenant at any time, so long the parties give each other at least twenty-one (21) days notice in advance. Additionally, the landlord can increase rent at the beginning of any new term (with proper notice). Monthly leases are often preferred by landlords who own vacation homes that they lease for part of the year, where a yearly lease wouldn’t be practical. They are also commonly used by landlords who rent out property or rooms on AirBNB, providing them with an additional level of protection besides the app itself.

State Laws

Statute: § 13-40-107

Required Notice to Terminate: Landlords and tenants must provide a certain notice before terminating their lease, depending on the following tenancy lengths:

  • One year (1+) or more: Ninety-one (91) days.
  • Six or more months (6+), less than one (1) year: Twenty-eight (28) days.
  • One month or more (1+), less than six (6) months: Twenty-one (21) days. [Most common for month-to-month leases]
  • One week or more (1+), less than one (1) month: Three (3) days.
  • Less than one (1) week: One (1) day.

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