Colorado Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


A Colorado month-to-month lease is a contract that lets a tenant rent a property on an ongoing basis. Also known as a “tenancy at will”, the agreement exists one month at a time. In other words, it renews automatically at the start of each month until either the landlord or the tenant terminates via a written notice sent at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the next payment.

Monthly leases are often preferred by landlords who own vacation homes that they lease for part of the year. They are also commonly used by landlords that rent out property or rooms on Airbnb, providing them with another level of protection in addition to the app itself.

Laws: § 13-40-107

Required Notice to Terminate: Landlords and tenants must provide a certain notice before terminating their lease, depending on the following tenancy lengths:

  • One year (1+) or more: Ninety-one (91) days.
  • Six or more months (6+), less than one (1) year: Twenty-eight (28) days.
  • One month or more (1+), less than six (6) months: Twenty-one (21) days. [Most common for month-to-month leases]
  • One week or more (1+), less than one (1) month: Three (3) days.
  • Less than one (1) week: One (1) day.