Colorado Roommate Agreement


Colorado Roommate Agreement is a three (3) page document that serves as official proof of mutually agreed-upon rules that have been established for a co-rented apartment, home, or another type of property. All tenants must sign to indicate that they understand each roommate’s preferences to prevent any conflict from arising in the future. Subtenants, or roommates who are living in the property and are not on the original lease, must pay rent to the tenant who originally created the document. If payments are not made on time, then the roommates who are on the lease can evict the subtenant.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

The Colorado college roommate (dorm room) agreement (created by the University of Colorado Boulder) allows students housed within the same dorm or college apartment to establish guidelines to live with one another. This type of agreement typically only holds legal power if it is signed and contains details about exchanging money. Instead, it typically functions as a way to maintain harmony between roommates. It is recommended that the roommates fill out the agreement together so that they can discuss their preferences together.

Download: Adobe PDF