Colorado Roommate Agreement

Colorado Roommate Agreement is a three (3) page document that acts as the formal rules for a co-rented apartment, home, or other property. It is signed by tenants to promote understanding of the roommate’s preferences as well as prevent conflict regarding topics typically not covered in lease agreements signed with a landlord. If there are roommates living in the property that are not on the original lease (called “subtenants”), the original tenants will be required to ensure rent is collected and the property is maintained correctly. If rent goes unpaid by a subtenant, it is up to the original roommates to evict said subtenant.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

The Colorado College Roommate (Dorm Room) Agreement, created by the University of Colorado Boulder sets the precedent for how fellow students housed within the same dorm or college apartment should act. The agreement is not binding whatsoever and should be completed and discussed in a friendly way to ensure friendliness between the roommates. In other words, the agreement has no legal weight and can’t be used for legal purposes. To ensure all roommates have their voices heard, it is recommended that the document be completed while everyone is in the room discussing the topics together. Keep in mind that completing a roommate contract isn’t a “catchall” for the problems that could arise in the dorm. Above all else, verbal communication should be the top priority.

Download: Adobe PDF