Connecticut Rental Application


The Connecticut Rental Application is a document that provides landlords with a means of efficiently screening tenant applicants to ensure only those that are deemed financially stable, landlord recommended, and crime-free are accepted as tenants. In addition to the criteria described, landlords should also be on the lookout for tenants that have a pattern of steady work history, a strong credit score (625+), and no prior evictions. Requiring applicants to pay an application fee is not only a way to cover the cost of credit checks, but it also ensures only those that are serious about renting the property apply.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: Connecticut law does not limit what landlords can charge applicants for running an application. Fees typically do not exceed $35 (nor should they) unless the screening process the landlord uses is exceptionally costly.

Security Deposits (§ 47a-21): There are two (2) limits that can be charged for security deposits depending on the age of the tenant. They are:

  1. If the tenant is older than sixty-two (62) years of age, they cannot be charged more than one (1) months’ rent.
  2. For tenants younger than sixty-two (62), they cannot be charged in excess of two (2) months’ rent.

Note: If a tenant began leasing at a time when they were younger than 62, and they pass the age in the midst of the lease, they can request the landlord to return the dollar amount of the security deposit that is greater than a single months’ rent.