Connecticut Roommate Agreement

The Connecticut Roommate Agreement is a document used to establish rules and expectations among roommates regarding day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that could turn into disagreements later down the road. In addition to preventing future conflict, the agreement also contains a course of action the roommates agree to take if disputes arise.

The five (5) page form contains spaces for up to eight (8) roommates – considerably higher than the standard four (4) typically included in the agreement-type. Being an official contract, the form contains provisions commonly found in residential leases, with sections that go over utilities, damages, mediation, and personal property, to name a few. Many of the conditions are legally binding in the event they are completed (utilities and rent, for example). However, subjects that can’t be litigated over include those where no real monetary damage occurred, such as missed cleaning duty.

College (Dorm) Roommate Agreement

On the other end of roommate contracts is the Connecticut College Roommate Agreement. The form, which is for use by students of UConn, Post University, Yale, and other Connecticut-based schools, lays out a set of student-set rules for the roommates to follow for a given semester or school year. College advisors and RAs (Resident Assistants) will commonly recommend completing the agreement as soon as possible, as delaying completing the agreement only reduces the likelihood of it being completed. If a roommate doesn’t listen to a condition laid out in the agreement, the other student(s) can then report the student to an RA or dorm staff to get assistance in resolving the dispute.

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